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The True Meaning of Advent help advent or not

By Bishop Robert Barron Nov 23, In just a few days, Catholics in this country will notice a rather significant change when they come to Mass. Commencing the first Sunday of Advent, the Church will be using a new translation of the Roman Missal. So why the change?

help advent or not

What had come increasingly to bother a number of bishops, priests, and liturgists over the years was that the translation of the liturgical texts, which was made in some haste in the late 60s of the last century, was not sufficiently faithful to the Latin help advent or not was, at least in some instances, informed by questionable theological assumptions. And so, over the course of many years, two groups in particular—ICEL the International Commission on English in the Liturgy and Vox Clara a committee of bishops, liturgical experts, and linguists from around the English-speaking world —labored over a new translation. What marks these new texts? They are, I would argue, more courtly, more theologically rich, and more Help advent or not poetic than the current prayers—and this is all to the good. An unmistakable feature of the Latin liturgical texts is their nobility and stately seriousness.

They were composed by people who clearly knew that liturgical prayer is a manner of addressing Almighty God, the Lord of heaven and earth.

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Accordingly, they utilized not the language of the street or of the market or political forum, but instead, the speech appropriate at the court of a King to whom supplication is being made. Or to situate things more in the context of our culture: they employ the kind of speech one might use in addressing the president in a formal letter or the recipient of an honorary degree help advent or not a university commencement exercise. Now when these texts were rendered into English in the late 60s of the last century, they were translated in accord advet certain definite cultural tendencies of that time.

Starting in the s, we began to prize speech that is blunt, clear, direct, casual and unadorned. And we developed a prejudice against language that seems fussy or overly ornamental. Sheen to almost any sermon delivered today.

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But what this gave us, many came to see, was a certain flattening out of the language of the liturgy, a rendering pedestrian of that which ought to be elevated. I will give just one example from hundreds that I could have chosen.

help advent or not

Hear our hlp that we may rejoice at the coming of your Son. Next, let us consider the increased theological density of the new translations. It appears to have been a conviction of the translators in the 60s that overly theological language would turn people off and make the liturgy less immediately appealing.

help advent or not

May our celebration have an effect in our lives.]

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