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The findings are published in Nature. The properties of the magma inside a volcano affect how an eruption will play out. In particular, the viscosity of this molten rock is a major factor in influencing how hazardous an eruption could be for nearby communities. On the other hand, extrusion of more viscous magma results in slower-moving lava flows. The first of 24 fissures opened in early May, and the eruption continued for three months. This situation provided unprecedented access to information for the team of researchers. When geologic stresses cause these faults to move against each other, geoscientists measure the 3-D orientation and movement of the faults using seismic instruments. Viscous magma linked with powerful explosions The properties of the magma inside a volcano affect how an eruption will play out. First Images of Freshwater Plumes at Sea. Highest viscosity

Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose (HPMC)

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