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Two years have passed and that percentage has increased—by an unimpressive 0. According to a new Korn Ferry report, despite many company promises for more diversity, the Hispanic representation still lacks behind both the population spread and the growing consumer clout of the group. But he says board representation is low because during and immediately after the Great Recession, boards with openings purposefully looked for former c-suite officers to add to their ranks. Since there were few Hispanics in current or former CEO roles, Arias says, these boards left untapped highly qualified and diverse candidates below the c-suite level.

hispanic culture in the us

The report suggests that the most effective way to increase Hispanic representation may be for boards to expand their searches. The report indicates how there are many talented Latinos working within government service, on boards of firms owned by private equity, running their own businesses, and serving on non-profit boards. Download the PDF Insights to your inbox Stay on top of the latest leadership news with This Week in Leadership—delivered weekly and straight into your inbox.]

hispanic culture in the us

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