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Yang grew to become a neighborhood favourite for his outgoing character and kindness. He owned the marketplace for 21 years earlier than dying immediately in January. However every one has its personal. Source link. Your email address will not be published.

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Download Episode. Asian American mental health care providers in California are seeing an increase in demand for services in the wake of surging anti-Asian hate incidents.

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Speaker 1: [inaudible]. I'm Mina Kim coming up on link, Asian American mental health care providers hmong radio sacramento California are seeing an increase in demand for services in the wake of surging reports of anti-Asian hate incidents, horrific attacks captured on video and the killings at Atlanta area spas and at a warehouse in Indianapolis.

We are now having to put words to experiences that we long buried in this special collaboration with public radio stations across the state.

hmong radio sacramento

We look at the toll of anti-Asian racism on a community that's been least likely of all racial groups to seek therapy. Join us. Speaker 2: This is forum.

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I mean a Kim demand hmong radio sacramento mental health care is surging in the wake of attacks and violence against Asian-Americans of the 3, or so hate incidents reported during the pandemic to the group. Welcome to forum Josie Wong. Speaker 3: Thank you for having me Meena. Speaker 2: You wrote an article earlier this month about the reactions Asian-Americans are having to racism and violence, and specifically sought out advice from five mental health experts.

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First, why did you write this piece? Speaker 3: So honestly, Mina was partly doing the story for myself. Hmong radio sacramento guess I'll start off by saying it's been check this out reporting through the pandemic, as you know, and lately my stress level has just been ramping up seeing the surge Virgin anti-Asian attacks nationally, but also right here in Southern California.

I been, I cover Asian American communities and, you know, I, I pay close attention to anti-Asian incidents and I've been following it h,ong the pandemic where you have been seeing an uptick, but it really seems to have picked up more in recent months with the frequency of these incidents and how they're happening all across Southern California. I see it in LA County or orange County, the inland empire, and some have been just random, violent attacks on Asian people, but in at least one rradio instance, someone was attacked for just looking Asian just over a week ago in the Eagle rock neighborhood of LA in order Latina was reportedly beat hmong radio sacramento with an assailant yelling anti-Asian slurs at her, and it's not just violence.

hmong radio sacramento

Speaker 3: There's also been instances of terrorizing. There was a situation in Southern orange County. An Asian family was new to a neighborhood in Ladera ranch and was being kept up at night after night by local teens, banging on the doors and bring rocks.]

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