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Where do the Duggars live? For many fans of the famous and controversial TLC family, the Duggar homestead is a familiar sight. Jim Bob and Homeless man elvis built a 7,square foot Arkansas pad with the source from their first TLC specials way back in the day.

Thirteen years and three more kids later, the house serves as the setting for two reality shows - and some very large family gatherings. Some of the adult Duggars are just starting out - while some are already living the good life on some very enviable property. The folks at celebrity gossip magazine In Touch took a look at all of the Duggar homes, and the findings were surprising.

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Of course, 13 years is a long time. Much of the younger Duggar generation has grown up and moved into homes of their own. Sit tight, we'll get to that shortly. So where do the Duggars live? Well, we think it's safe to say you'll be surprised by some of these accomodations. Buckle up. Let's take a look:. The Compound. Mab Counting On fan is familiar with the massive Tontitown homeless man elvis known as the Duggar compound. But these days, several of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids have left the nest to establish homes of their own.

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The Homeleas The Duggars' story begins here, in this much more modest home in nearby Springdale, Homeless man elvis. Not the kind of place in which you would want to raise 19 kids. A Humble Start. When the Duggars made their TV debut on Discovery Health, the network helped them with construction costs for their new home in Tontitown. Execs also filled up the family's pantry, something Jim Bob and Michelle had difficulty doing in those days.

The Living Room. The Duggars love the great outdoors especially their big backyard but when they're inside the compound, this sprawling living room -- with its sky-high ceilings -- serves as the site of more Counting On scenes than any other. The Master Bedroom.

homeless man elvis

And this -- as they used to say on MTV's Cribs -- is where the magic happens. Jim Bob and Source bedroom has been the site of an awful lot of baby-making. The Master Bath. And this is the bathroom off of Jim Bob and Michelle's room. We're guessing this was roughly ma size of the living room in their first house.]

homeless man elvis

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