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How a bill becomes a law - US government and civics - US government and civics - Khan Academy how a bill becomes a law essay. How a bill becomes a law essay

The U. House of Representatives and Senate are composed of the legislators supported by legions of staff, committee assistants, and personal aides who are charged with introducing bills in the Congress.

how a bill becomes a law essay

They also vote on bills that make it through the lengthy and often tortuous committee processes. However, the public policy formation process does not end when Congress passes a bill and the president signs it.

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Instead, bills that become law are then delegated to wide range of agencies, departments, and quasi-government agencies that are in charge of creating rules and regulations to promulgate the public policy.

Think of hpw this way: When Congress and the president sign a new law, the law usually provides only the broadest contours of a given public policy; it is for civil servants and public policy professionals, who are not elected by the public, to form the rules and regulations that will execute the policy.

how a bill becomes a law essay

Congress and the president create laws, but not the intricate rules and regulations that provide substance to those laws. Federal agencies and career civil servants have enormous responsibility and power in defining and specifying the scope of new laws.

how a bill becomes a law essay

In addition, the intent of Congress and the president is of paramount consideration in creating rules and regulations; civil servants need to be cognizant of the debates, hearings, and findings of Congress. There are differing interpretations of the language of regulations.

How Does a Bill Become a Law: FAQ

In short, the passage of a law and the creation of rules and regulations do not end debate and conflict about its enforcement or its intent. Include specific examples of opportunities or tensions that may flow out of these relationships. Garrett, R. Assessing the impact of bureaucracy bashing by electoral campaigns. Public Administration Review, 66 2— Keller, S. Depoliticizing judicial review of agency rulemaking.

Washington Law Review, 84 3— Woods, N. Promoting participation? An examination of rulemaking notification and access procedures.]

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