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Respond to two 2 posts by your classmates regarding their views on media influence on political values and whether you agree with whether the media positively or negatively influenced the current event they identified. Your responses should be at least two paragraphs long. A paragraph consists of at least three sentences. Your response to the prompt should be at least three paragraphs long. I think that social media can be very addictive and confirmation bias can play a role in how much information a person believes when reading it on social media. Social media helps news organizations distribute their news, but it is not the only way people can learn about what is going on in the world. How media influences politics how media influences politics

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale University management professor who helped organize the meeting, here it infuences a response to threats of reprisals after Georgia-based companies like Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and Aflac Insurance condemned the Georgia bill. He briefly suggested reprisals for companies that smeared the legislation, and then withdrew his threat.


Biden most likely won with the most legal votes, but last-minute election changes and cash infusions from the Center for Tech and Civic Life tilted the playing field in his favor. Voters are rightly concerned about election integrity and the new laws represent a response to these abuses — not an attack on legal voting. The law also requires voters to present a valid photo ID to register for an absentee ballot.

According to a recent poll from the Honest Elections Project, 77 percent of Americans support requiring an ID to vote.

how media influences politics

This includes just click for source of self-identified Biden voters 62 percent to 24 percent opposedblack voters 64 percent to 22 percent opposedand Latino voters 78 percent to 16 percent opposed. Twenty-nine have passed one chamber, and how media influences politics bills have been signed into law. To launch the CEO meeting, Sonnenfeld teamed up with Lynn Forester de Rothschildthe founding partner of Inclusive Capital Partners — a left-leaning investment manager — and Leadership Nowa group of Harvard University alumni and corporate leaders that claims to focus on sustaining democracy. Frazier helped organize the 72 current and former black CEOs who blasted the Georgia bill in a joint statement. The how media influences politics reportedly ended without any concrete game plan or timetable but with a general plan to draft responses to election integrity laws on a firm-by-firm basis.

In no way was he an impetus for this — talk of doing this meeting started before he spoke out. While it has been harrowing to see MLB pull out of Georgia and so many CEOs condemn a state based on utter lies about election integrity laws, it seems the forces of woke capitalism are gathering to launch an all-out assault on measures like voter ID and attempts to address the irregularities in the election. Conservatives hos back down. He enjoys Indian food, board games, and talking ceaselessly about politics, religion, and medi. Follow him on Twitter at Tyler2ONeil.

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how media influences politics

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