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How to become a werefox

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But of all the creepy crawlers out there, none has enthralled me quite like werewolves. Aa fact, as a young child, every night I used to wish that I could figure out how to become a werewolf. As an adult, the longing never went away; despite my parents insistence that I needed to let go of childhood fantasies.

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Quite the opposite — the rationale behind this particular desire makes even more sense to me now. And compared to other cryptids, the choice is crystal clear. For example, learning how to become a vampire which sounds utterly annoying to me and giving up my entire human life seems less palatable.

On the other hand, werewolves can live more or less how to become a werefox for the majority of the month. So why do I want to become a lycanthrope? To be honest, the thought of being ordinary, carrying on a monotonous life, figuratively sucks the oxygen from my lungs. I feel like a cryptid on the inside — I want to be one on the outside!

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To help bring my lifelong dream to fruition, I began researching all available options. Surprisingly, I found a diverse list of possibilities offering me the hope of choosing between the life of a human and deciding to become a wolf when the moon is full.

how to become a werefox

My gift to you. Second, hopefully, you can succeed where I have failed and return the favor. A disclaimer if you will.]

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