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Identity vs role confusion psychology definition identity vs role confusion psychology definition

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Refworks Account Login. Open Collections. UBC Theses and Dissertations. Featured Collection. An interpretative phenomenological analysis research method was used to describe and thematically organize their spiritual beliefs.

Media’s Misinterpretation of Sexual Identity and Gender

Three themes emerged from this analysis: a description of spirituality, the narrative process of creating spiritual beliefs, and the outcomes of possessing spiritual beliefs. Participants describe and define spirituality in diverse ways.

identity vs role confusion psychology definition

The more common definitions include a hopeful and benevolent perspective on life, a tentative acceptance of a higher power, belief in karma and a reverence for nature. One of the most consistent findings is the rejection of institutional religion. Participants choose spirituality to avoid the problems they perceive as being typical to institutional religion and utilize a psychollgy of marketplace approach to select spiritual beliefs.

identity vs role confusion psychology definition

Spirituality is construed as a highly individualized narrative process which is related to identity. Spirituality also helps to provide a sense of meaning and purpose. A second level of analysis examined how participants think about and critically reflect upon their beliefs. Moving up the reflective judgment model, spiritual beliefs in the lower stages are explicit, relatively simple beliefs created largely from a dogmatic psycholofy to religion.

UBC Theses and Dissertations

Justification for beliefs is based upon unjustified opinion definitiion description, and spirituality is not a central part of their lived experiences. Higher staged participants describe a greater understanding of and appreciation for a constructivist nature of iii knowledge which contributes to spiritual beliefs that are more complex and grounded in their ieentity of epistemology. Here study demonstrates the importance of encouraging critical thinking skills in relation to spirituality. I am also grateful for the financial support provided by Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am also identity vs role confusion psychology definition grateful for the help and guidance provided to me by my research committee Dr.

Richard Young chairDr. Susan James co-chairand Dr. Daniel Vokey. I want to thank Dr. Young in particular for his extensive support, in particular for his close reading of the text and many helpful suggestions. Young constantly and patiently taught me not only about the research process and writing but was a perpetual source of wisdom on the topic of religion and spirituality. I also appreciated the many engaging conversations I enjoyed with my committee about my research I would also like to thank my husband Chris Rideout for standing by me and not giving up.]

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