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The most damning example comes from ign ps vita games we learned about the development studio properly spinning up to be its own team within the Visual Arts Service Group, a Sony team that pinch-hit and assisted other Sony studios cross the finish line with their games. While almost every new Click first-party launch has been coupled with a record-breaking sales headlineand later end-of-year accolades from around pw industry, the report suggests that the quality bar came at the expense of games and potential franchises that weren't hits right out of the gate.

ign ps vita games

Developer Bend Studio has shown its dedication to the game, with consistent patches and post-launch support to improve the tech issues critics noted. And even hames the halls of Sony you can find sequels that drastically improved upon the first. And sure, that might, on paper or in a boardroom, make sense, but then how does that new team find a chance to succeed?

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Of course, these games were risks themselves! The Sony Japan Studio restructuring is further proof that Sony is hedging all its bets on only its most unflappable blockbusters. Seemingly gone are the smaller, but no less worthy games like Gravity Rush, Ape Escape, Shadow of the Colossus, and the talent behind those franchises. Despite all the worrying signs, the PS5 continues to sell out, the first party studios Sony ign ps vita games paying all its attention to are seemingly thriving and have massive sequels like the next God of War, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West on the way that are, again, probably too big to fail. But PlayStation has historically never rested on safe bets.

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Vib-Ribbon was unafraid to go against the tide. It was courageous in its ambition, and it brought a completely new experience to gamers. Would it be released today, though?

ign ps vita games

It sure would feel like an exception. Talk to him on Twitter jmdornbush and check out his new Persona 5 podcast.

Sony changes its mind.

Playstation 5. Posted April 11,a. More Like This.]

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