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Arush Mehrotra , Staff Writer April 3, Should we, in , still be holding on to such a primitive practice? The answer is simple: no. The death penalty has been a part of American society since its inception. When European settlers came to America, they brought with them their laws and values, one of which is the practice of capital punishment. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, the first recorded execution in the new colonies was that of Captain George Kendall in the Jamestown colony of Virginia in Since then, thousands more have been executed, some of whom were innocent. He spent 26 years on death row despite being completely innocent. This is simply unacceptable. in the criminal justice system quote

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America’s Criminal Justice System: Essential for the Rule of Law In the criminal justice system quote

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The books that are born out of experience always stand out. Fractured Freedom by Kobad Ghandy is one such book. Kobad Ghandy was born into a well-off family.

1st Edition

He did his schooling from the famous Doon School and after completing his college education from St. In England ofs, after experiencing bitter racial discrimination, he slowly became aware of the socio-political environment around him. Ghandy wanted to know the causes of racial discrimination and began visiting British Museum Library in his free time. He realized how the Indian economy syste, ruined by the two centuries of colonial rule.

While his understanding of the socio-political issues was deepening, the socialist revolution was sweeping the entire world. Great changes were taking place in China.

in the criminal justice system quote

India was rocked by the Naxalite movement. Meanwhile, he was engrossed in reading Marxist literature.

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During this driminal Mr. Ghandy also participated in some political activities for which he was briefly jailed. Finally, he decided not to complete his CA and return to India to work for social change. Coming to India he joined the radical Left. His liberal-minded parents sympathized with him. Most people exist that is all.

in the criminal justice system quote

Returning from England, Ghandy plunged into radical politics. First, he started working in the slums of Mumbai. Interestingly about four decades ago I had also met both of them. In Mumbai, Kobad met Anuradha, a most charming student leader from ElphinstoneCollege whom he married later. Anuradha also came from a well-off and cultured family.

in the criminal justice system quote

Both of them declassed themselves and leaving the middle-class comfort they took to a simple lifestyle. To devote more time to their causes they decided not to have any children.

Kobad and Anuradha mainly worked among the Dalits sgstem tribal people for nearly four decades. While working among the Dalits, both of them realized that majority of Indian Marxist theoreticians did not pay due attention to the caste question in India. In this respect, he mentioned an excellent treatise written by Anuradha on caste.]

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