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Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32

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Animating transcript for every podcast. All of our podcasts, plus 2 new podcasts per week. Change speed of podcast - slow it down if it is too fast. The Industrial Revolution saw huge improvements in manufacturing, millions of people move to the cities and the fabric of British society change forever. If we take the example of the steam engine , the first instance of the steam engine was actually in the 17th century. Within 40 years the population had doubled to ,, and just 20 years later it had more than doubled again, to , people. They worked in the coal mines , and in the factories. Industrial revolution middle class

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OEDIPUS THE KING CHARACTER ANALYSIS ESSAY 6 days ago · The Industrial revolution has impacted the world and environment. As the population increases, natural resources deplete. The use of chemicals and fuels in factories has increased water pollution and air pollution. Poor conditions in factories still exist today and still include child labor. It was the first time since the Neolithic Revolution. 19 hours ago · How did the Industrial Revolution begin, function, and lead to imperialism? Write in a first person narrative an Start it out with "I am the Industrial Revolution" You can use these words to help you write Capital Capitalism Capitalist Labor Wages Pollution Union Middle Class Social Mobility Adam Smith Market Factory Technology Natural Resources Laissez-faire Profit Urbanization . 8 hours ago · Industrial Revolution and Imperialism What economic and technological changes occurred during the Industrial Revolution? What changes did the middle class experience as a result of the Industrial Revolution? What changes did the working class experience as a result of the revolution? How did the revolution impact other parts of the world? What improved as a Continue reading Industrial.
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industrial revolution middle class

Ramsay Muir observes that the Industrial Revolution was completed peacefully. It brought about many important changes in the social, economic and political life of the people of England. The following were the important impacts of the Industrial Revolution.

The First Three Industrial Revolutions

The Renaissance which occurred at the beginning of the modern age in Europe initiated a new era by strengthening the middle-class values; even then, the middle-class could not exhibit its power in society for a long time. The Industrial Revolution expressed the power of the middle-class.

The influence of scientists, skilled artisans and managers increased. If the French Revolution propagated the notions of personal liberty and equality, the Industrial Revolution of England made the creative use of personal liberty possible. The growing power of workers after the Industrial Revolution kindled social industrial revolution middle class which prompted people to raise the demand for human respect and fundamental rights.

industrial revolution middle class

Industrial Revolution galvanized the process of urbanization. It also resulted in large-scale migration to these urban centres. The population in urban centres swelled up without proper facilities to accommodate the population. The rise in cities was accompanied by the growth of slums. The workers in the cities were compelled to live and work in substandard and subhuman conditions. The factory owners were only interested in making high profits.

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Due to industrial revolution middle class facilities and improper living conditions, workers became vulnerable to various epidemics and diseases; they often died a premature death. The extremely low wages paid by the factory owners made it incustrial for them to make both ends meet. As a consequence, they were often obliged to send their women and children to factories, where they worked on extremely low wages. The industrialists preferred women and children also because they were easy to manage.

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It changed the standard of living of the people as they began to use the articles manufactured in the factories. The increase in the daily needs of the people had marred the independent life of an Thus, we see that whereas the capitalists were benefited from the Industrial Revolution, the general masses indkstrial very poor.]

industrial revolution middle class

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