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Class XII Physics Section-B Activity-2 To study effect of intensity of light on an LDR intensity of light depends on.

Intensity of light depends on - similar situation

The objective of this research was to develop a mathematical model for batch photoautotrophic cultivation of Arthrospira platensis and to validate it against data obtained in experiments. The purpose of the model was to determine the optimal concentration of carbon dioxide, as well as to investigate the formation of phycocyanin. For the experimental conditions in this study, the optimal concentration carbon dioxide 0. The use of this optimal value in the gas inlet seems to be a suitable option for maintaining the optimal pH 9. According to the simulations, the mass fraction of the phycocyanin formation rate seems to depend on the internal light level. Intensity of light depends on intensity of light depends on

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Best garden decoration! Working for hours when sufficient energy. LED lights make xepends night more beautiful. Note: the solar fountain will stop working when out of battery. Different Style Spray Nozzles - Meet your different needs for jet height or jet shape. Put it in water pump immersedthe waterfall will occur automatically in 3s once exposed to sufficient sunlight. The height of the waterfall depends on the intensity of the light.


The jet height can up to 70cm. The spray heads are easy to change. Anti-collision Pipes Avoid Water Loss - Install the plastic pipes to make the fountain pump centered, so the water from the fountain can stay in the container, avoid water loss.

intensity of light depends on

The product has a water shortage protection function when the solar fountain can't gain enough water, the pump and LED will stop working automatically. It is suitable for garden, pool, pond, birdbath.

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Night Mode: When turning to night, the solar panel will stop charging, and the solar fountain, also the LED lights will work with battery-powered for about 4 hours. We provide a considerate 14 days return or refund and 30 days quality warranty services for our customer, if you have any problem with our product, please get in touch with liggt After-Sale Customer Service by sending us at email service.

Multiple Colors. Warm White.]

intensity of light depends on

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