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Intercultural Communication in Contexts, 6th Edition

Intercultural communication in contexts 6th edition ebook - assured

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A few hrs ago, this was posted in ECO querqus : " I had several requests to post slides in advance of lectures in this course.

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Joseph's big opening statement for why he opposes the EU and globalization in both contextz and execution, after Destiny's well thought out argument, is because people are resistant to change. Literally, that is it. The two reasons he brings up are that he has seen literature stating a corresponding rise in religious fanaticism and cultural xenophobia.

That sounds big and scary except when you boil it down he is saying that because fundamentalist psychos who freak out when the world progresses means we should scrap the whole thing.

intercultural communication in contexts 6th edition ebook

Just toss it in the garbage and let the fucking troglodytes drag us back down because change is hard on some of these backward ass hillbillies. For a "Masters fucking politics student" this has got to be the laziest, most retarded rebuttal of humanities progress.

Did it happen fast? Yeah it did. Like TriHex and Destiny brought up in the podcast there are people barely alive today that experienced cars being new-fangled technology.

intercultural communication in contexts 6th edition ebook

That is a metric fuckton of change in less contezts a century. You know what though? People got over it. Does some mideast doomsday fundamentalist cult want to keep acting out because they don't like civilization moving in? Fuck intercultural communication in contexts 6th edition ebook. Cultural xenophobes can't handle race mixing and traditions evolving?

Let them lock themselves in their homes surrounded by shrines to the "good ole days" and die there. We'll bring back fucking sarcophagi for them and they can be buried ensconced with their religious and cultural safety blankets. Nevermind, change the diaper, put him back in the crib. No need flight 1420 dumpster him just yet I guess. Whatever masters program he's a part of should re-evaluate his place in it immediately. EDIT 3: Almost every point he makes is exactly as short-sighted and limited as you would expect from someone this young. Jesus fucking christ.

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I'm just adding more fuel to the fire to supplement the large amount of research linking the two, which seem to have neglected this very obvious connection. In case many of you aren't aware of the context, a while ago people were saying that Jefferies was 'Baby Berkshire'. From this we can infer that Joseph and Buffett have a relationship. Of course, how close is hard to ascertain, but at the very least it's clear they must have interacted with each other for a period of time.

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Make of this what you will. I also believe the long-only well regarded asset manager he mentioned in the same interview was Klarman. EDIT: As another comment said, the firm through which these investors invested through were woman, minority, veteran owned firms, not Guggenheim. Additionally, there seems to be confusion on the investors. It was not a singular investor, but rather 2: one who was a long-only asset manager and another which encompassed a billionaire family.]

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