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International relations theories can help us understand the way the international systems work, as well as how nations engage with each other international relation theories view the world. Varying from liberal, equality-centric strategies to straightforward realist concepts, international relations theories are often used by diplomats and international relations experts to dictate the direction that a government may take in regards to an international political issue or thelries. By studying the following key international theories, professionals in the field can better discern the motivations and goals driving policy decisions worldwide. Realism is a straightforward approach to international relations, stating that all nations international relation theories working to increase their own power, and those countries that manage to horde power most efficiently will thrive, as they can easily eclipse the achievements of innternational powerful nations.

The nature of realism implies that seeking a moral high ground is a goal that governments cannot always achieve and that deceit and violence can be highly effective tools for advancing national interests. In modern times, realism is evident in the foreign policies of China and Russia. Liberalists believe that the negative consequences of force—such as economic losses and civilian casualties—far exceed its potential benefits.

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Therefore, liberal politicians generally prefer the use of economic and social power in achieving their national goals for instance, obtaining the agreement of a neighboring country to help secure a border. Internationak liberalism has become more rooted in international cooperation through the establishment of organizations like the United Nations, realism has started to wane as a viable political strategy.

International relation theories can be argued international relation theories the liberalist tradition, perpetuated by the United States, has become the dominant system in international relations, with established values and international institutions in place to regulate this order. For example, since German aggression served as the primary catalyst for the Second World, Germany deploys its armed forces outside of German borders only when its government is certain of the need to intervene in instances of genocide or conflict that threatens to spill over into other nations.

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Constructivists also argue that states are not the most important international relation theories in international relations, but that international institutions and other non-state actors are valuable in influencing behavior through lobbying and acts of persuasion. For this reason, constructivism has become a popular and important theory in recent decades as non-state actors like international organizations such as Amnesty International, Visit web page, and Greenpeace gain political influence.

International organizations play a role in promoting human rights and making them an international standard to which countries are expected to conform. Karl Marx was a Prussian philosopher and economist whose works posited that societies could escape the self-destructive nature of capitalist socioeconomic systems by implementing socialist theory into international relation theories policies, both locally and abroad. Marxism, a theory that closely analyzes social classes, aims to dismantle the capitalist structure of the international system, as it states that capitalism is no longer practically sustainable in the modern world.

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Marx that private property reoation be replaced by cooperative ownership, with the emphasis placed entirely on satisfying human needs for consumption, rather than creating private profit. Under an ideal socialist international regime, societies would work together to ensure that basic human needs were met on a global scale.

international relation theories

Marxism was a dominant political ideology during the Cold War and inspired socialist revolutions in countries such as China, Vietnam and Cuba. The Marxist revival is not exclusive to current and former communist nations; The Marxism Festival was hosted by the Socialist Workers Party international relation theories London and attracted thousands of activists from across the world. As the global population continues to grow and sustainability becomes increasingly precarious, Marxism remains a relevant topic of discussion for those who advocate the prioritization of human needs over private profit.

international relation theories

Feminists are mostly international relation theories in tracking political and social developments that inhibit success in female populations. When systems of power subtly or overtly tell women they can only fulfill certain roles, those limitations become social norms and perpetuate the cycle. The significance of feminism in international relations is evidenced by the role women play in promoting more just and fair international relations international relation theories. Women like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have both made important contributions to the advancement of women worldwide.

As a senator representing the state of New York, Clinton co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act ofwhich was aimed at combatting gender-based pay discrimination. Rice was instrumental in starting the One Woman Initiative, which provides access to legal rights, political participation, and economic development to women living in countries with a large Muslim population. Outside of the U. The contributions of nations such as Iceland have been financially and socially impactful, addressing the need for true gender equality and demonstrating the positive effects of feminism in domestic and foreign policy.

With the rapid changes taking place in the current geopolitical landscape, discerning why governments act as they do and understanding the implications of those actions has never been more crucial.

international relation theories

When leveraged properly, these theories can be used to accomplish a broad array of objectives; therefore, international relations professionals international relation theories possess a keen understanding of the specific impact each theoretical approach to international relations can have on global diplomatic efforts. Through its online programs, Norwich delivers relevant and applicable curricula that allow its students to make a relatioon impact on their places of work and their communities. Our online Master of Arts in International Relations program offers a curriculum which evolves with current events to help international relation theories face the future of international affairs.

The program covers many subjects to give you a look at the internal workings of international players, examine the role of state and non-state actors on the global stage, and explore different schools of thought.]

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