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Abstract Objective To explore the influences of digital media use on the core symptoms, emotional state, life events, learning motivation, executive function EF and family environment of children and adolescents diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD during the novel coronavirus disease COVID pandemic. Method A total of participants aged 8—16 years who met the diagnostic criteria for ADHD were included in the study. The differences between the two groups in ADHD symptoms, EF, anxiety and depression, stress from life events, learning motivation and family environment were compared respectively. Conclusion The ADHD children with PDMU suffered from more severe core symptoms, negative emotions, EF deficits, damage on family environment, pressure from life events, and a lower motivation to learn. Supervision of digital media usage, especially video game and social media, along with increased physical exercise, is essential to the management of core symptoms and associated problems encountered with ADHD. Introduction China was hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease COVID at the end of , and the government implemented a policy of home quarantine to control the infection rate by the end of January , which required citizens to stay at home [ 17 ]. The call for quarantine caused schools to shut down and resulted in the abruptly transition to online educational class for continuation of the upcoming academic year [ 17 ]. Numerous studies suggested that online classes were considered during the quarantine period, with emphases placed on learning, structure routine, well-being, and social bonds [ 5 ]. internet and globalization Internet and globalization

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Globalization, Internet and globalization and Entrepreneurship But if you observe more precision, you can find many relation between them. For example Globalization accelerates the change of technology. Every day it seems that analysis sicko new technological innovation is being created. The pace of change occurs so rapidly many people are always playing catch up, trying to purchase or update their new devices. Technology is now the forefront of the modern world creating new jobs, innovations, and networking sites to allow individuals to connect globally. In this article we try to clear the relations. First of all, we have to define the terms. Globalizationn The most important term in this subject is globalization.

internet and globalization

Globalization is only a description, describing the state humanity is in right now. It is not simply an economical term, it affects our whole life.

internet and globalization

It means that we are all interconnected, and physically we are like individual cells of the same body. It is a state we arrived through our evolution, and internet and globalization is a state we cannot escape. Globalization implies the Words: - Pages: 7 Internet and Globalization Thesis Statement The Internet has significantly affected globalization.

Along with the development of microprocessors, the Internet is perhaps the most significant technological innovation of our time, playing a substantial role in the growth of globalization.

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The Internet facilitated the expansion of the movement toward a global village through internet and globalization creation of cheaper, faster and easier means of communication, the provision of a vast pool of information, and the expansion of e-commerce.

In assessing the cost of long distance phone calls versus that of online voice chat sessions, the Internet is much more affordable and also superior in quality. Many web users now possess web cameras, microphones, and all the software necessary to support this hardware.

This allows users to speak, see, and be seen by the globaluzation they are having a conversation with. People from Asia can carry conversations with Europeans, Cannibalization Related to Retail Cross Channelization Brandon Toliver, Student, EMSE Spring Abstract: The expansion of many businesses in the online environment has been delayed as a result of an assumed negative impact on traditional sales. This presumed cross channel cannibalization should be based on intrenet more empirical analysis that promotes informed decisions. An examination of related internet and globalization literature and research will be utilized to present a solution to the following problem: anticipated assumptions, concerns and fears are impacting internet and globalization utilization of the Internet for fear of cross channel cannibalization.

The proposed solution presented combines several established quantifiable equations and methods, producing a standardized method of analysis regarding the impact of online sales. This brief paper contends that online sales pose continue reading immediate cannibalization of tradition sales, making these concerns relatively baseless.

internet and globalization

Problem Overview The phenomenon of concurrent channels being provided by the same company is fairly new, but the emergence of the Internet as an enduring market necessitates the adaption of online retail in order to remain competitive [1][3]. The dot.


Words: - Pages: 6 Globalization The purpose of globalization is to connect people together and spread information and resources in a more efficient way. Globalization allows integrating economies and societies. Globalization provides interrnet to become more productive members of society. It is a way of understanding how other parts of the world function.

We access this information through a variety of sources such as, databases, information technology systems, computers, smartphones, internet, and social media. Many of the products and services we use today are created as a result of globalization efforts. Different countries in different regions of the world specialize in different aspects in the internet and globalization of everyday internet and globalization. In the effort to lower costs of products, different parts of products are made around the world for a lower price which benefits us as consumers.]

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