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Is prostitution immoral is prostitution immoral is prostitution immoral

Indian history reveals that prostitution has been an age-old practice in our country. Even before the British Raj, the Maurya period was well known its State-regulated prostitution. In India, with the impact of western culture, the outlook of people towards prostitution has considerably softened. This article specially focuses on male prostitution as the issue of male prostitution is not touched upon frequently in comparison to female prostitution. Despite repressive policies and regulatory measures on prostitution as an organised crime, the institution still survives as a regular profession as it offers unlimited opportunity for sexual fulfilment, monetary rewards to is prostitution immoral and pimps and lately there have is prostitution immoral a fraction of prostitutes who willingly work as high-end escorts only to live a luxurious lifestyle.

The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

Among all the is prostitution immoral in the world of human beings, prostitution is amongst the oldest and universally rampant. The need for sexual fulfilment of sexual urge has impelled men and woman of all ages all over the world to exploit either sex. Despite the working of the act for prostitutiin than 20 years there was no significant accomplishment made to eradicate prostitution. Again the act was amended to bring stricter penalties but at the same time, it was realised that time has come when male prostitution should also be covered by the act. However, one remarkable feature of modern reforms relating to prostitution is that it click now been possible to rehabilitate prostitutes to normal life.

This was not possible 3 to 4 decades ago because is prostitution immoral the stigma attached to this profession.

Banning Trafficking

Many innocent girls and women who fall victim for this profession can now be saved from leading an immora, life through the click of rehabilitation as social service agencies and NGOs are working to rehabilitate such neglected and victimized women. Besides sex fulfilment, these circumstantial causes include disturbed domestic life, mutual quarrels, cruelty is prostitution immoral running away from homes is prostitution immoral to the fear of punishment and displeasure of members of the family. Many who plunge into this profession voluntarily whether male or female work as masseurs or escorts to earn pocket money or an easy source of making money to support not only their family but also education.

It also gives them financial stability and a way to fulfil their dream of living a luxurious life.

is prostitution immoral

At present, there are more than 1 lakh known prostitutes in India but they have been deprived a good deal click their trade by educated call girls who work as high-end escorts. Nowadays marriage by hiring is becoming a common threat among the so-called elites of immoeal cities which is destroying is prostitution immoral social fabric of the Indian society.

Male prostitution whether forced or voluntary is an unrecognised reality which actually exist but is often forgotten and neglected when the discussion of human trafficking comes into picture.

Essay Against Legalization Of Prostitution

However, the number of male sex workers is unknown in our country but as per a report in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone there are more than 50, male sex workers. These male sex workers are often termed as gigolos or call boys. It is said is prostitution immoral just like young girls who are pushed into flesh trade similarly many young boys and men who join this profession live a stigmatised lives just like women and earn by offering massage services and sell their bodies. According to a report by U. N, it was stated that Indian traditions and customs also have a role to play in the male sex is prostitution immoral. pfostitution

is prostitution immoral

For example, it was reported that many young boys ranging from age 15 to 25 migrate to U. Just like female escorts, check this out are male escorts who plunge into this profession and are paid highly by female clients.

Male prostitution operates is prostitution immoral online websites, advertisements and usually operated through mobile to get in touch with the clients. Pubs, sauna, massage parlours are common places for the sex trade even amongst male sex workers just like females. It is said that there is a provision in case of rescuing female workers by sheltering them but in is prostitution immoral case of male sex workers there are no such proper provisions and it is tougher to protect male sex workers from abuse, violence or torture as it is recognized in but not in reality. Also at times not only do they face abuse but are not even paid for their services and when they protest about the same to pay them for providing sexual favours they are sometimes threatened by females that they will report them to police in false accusations of rape.]

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