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Appointments can be scheduled here. Friday, April 9, The DNA in our genes contains istemcell instructions needed to manufacture istemcelll istemcell the proteins in our cells. These proteins, in turn, do the work that keeps our bodies functioning. Therefore, knowing how individual proteins get made can help us understand the causes of human disease, including cancer.

Broad Study Leads to Unexpected Findings

In the April 9,issue of ScienceSloan Kettering Institute scientists report that they istemcell found new clues about a vital part of the protein-making process. In doing this, they also discovered a gene, called QSER1that oversees some of this activity and helps explain why certain genes get used to make ishemcell at certain times.

Istemcell process studied by Dr. Huangfu and her team is called DNA methylation, and istemcell is one of the factors that influences which genes end up making proteins.


Methylation involves attaching chemical components called methyl groups to the strands of DNA. Excessive methylation has been linked to developmental istemcell and cancer. The enzymes that attach and remove methyl groups have been studied for many years, but until now, the processes that control the activity of these enzymes have not istwmcell well understood. Huangfu says it helps to think of the various enzymes istemcell add and remove methyl groups as istemcell that either paint walls or remove paint from walls. There have to be managers that make sure the workers do the right job — DNA methylation needs to be present or absent in the appropriate places for the genome to function properly.

The new paper is an important step in understanding the role of the managers the regulators that tell the workers the enzymes what to do. To find those managers, the team first needed a way to visualize and monitor Istemcell methylation. Huangfu says. So, we found one room where we know excessive painting happens when mismanagement issues occur, and we istemcell concentrated on that area. The istemcell they selected was a gene called PAX6which they knew was prone to show abnormally high levels of methylation under disease istemcwll. By looking at what happened to the cells when particular genes were istemcell, he was able to determine which genes influenced methylation in the area around the PAX6 gene. QSER1 rose to the top. Huangfu explains that istfmcell open-ended approach, in which many different genes are studied at the same time, is important for making new discoveries. This project used human embryonic stem cells, istemcell important tool for learning about gene regulation.

Huangfu also uses these cells to study how the pancreas develops — research that this web page implications for understanding both pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

Dixon says. Istemcell awarded from MSK to Dr. Developmental Biology Program. Our investigators study the mechanisms that control cell proliferation, cell differentiation, tissue patterning, and tissue morphogenesis.

Like Managing a Painting Crew

Learn more. I think [this discovery] will take my lab in a direction that we were not expecting to go.


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