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C hristians and non-Christians alike usually can agree that Jesus is the best role model to have. From His faith, perseverance, generosity, and even His intelligence, people see the best qualities that mankind can possess.

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The following is a list of 10 character traits of Jesus that everyone should emulate. Jesus never looked away from people; He always looked upon them and had compassion Matthew Whenever people were around him, Jesus understood what their real needs were and sought to address them.

For some, physical healing was necessary, for others the root issue was spiritual. In all cases though, Jesus took the time to actually notice that people were hurting—and His compassion drove Him to jesus personality them. Without a doubt, Jesus was the ultimate servant. Although He was praised as a great teacher and even had persnoality decent following, He made sure to teach jesus personality to be servants by actually doing it himself. Obviously, Jesus had a love for others.

jesus personality

Jesus claimed that there is no greater love than to die for one of your friends—and He did just that. If anyone doubts His love, jesus personality they have to do is look upon the cross and see the agony that He bore for their sakes. He experienced that horrible death so that all can be saved. That, very clearly, is true love at its finest. This is definitely contrary to the everyday mantra of looking personlity for number one and obtaining personal justice. Jesus was by no means concerned for His own life; all He wanted was to provide a way for forgiveness. Jesus had no lack of commitment whatsoever.

Wherever He was, or whoever He was with, He was fully in the moment here fully committed to Jesus personality goals. There were certainly many obstacles during His ministry, but He stayed on jesus personality and finished strong. No matter how busy His ministry got, He found persomality to be alone and pray.

jesus personality

Jesus personality it is in the garden of Gethsemane, across a river, or on a mountaintop, Jesus disappeared for a while perdonality order to pray to the Lord. People always tried to find Him, and He never turned them away, but He also made sure to make time spent with His heavenly Father a priority. There were certainly times where Jesus used stern words, but He knew when gentleness was appropriate.

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Children seemed to love coming to him, and He made sure the disciples knew not to hinder jesus personality when they did so. When speaking with His disciples, mother, or other ladies, He could be very kindhearted and gentle.

jesus personality

But, when He was giving someone a rebuke or making a point in an argument, Jesus personality knew when turning up the heat was necessary and only did so strategically. Throughout the gospels, Jesus clearly gets portrayed as a very patient man. Despite all of that, He kept His composure and responded appropriately to every individual.]

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