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EOI Review: Black Codes, Jim Crow, and the Klan jim crow black codes Jim crow black codes

This consisted of laws devised by northern Republicans to get the South back on its feet economically while securing the civil rights of the former slaves. Over time, federal troops withdrew from the South and Democrats took control of the State Assemblies and governor mansions.

jim crow black codes

In effect, they were able to turn the clock backwards to before the Civil War without having to enslave anyone. In particular, both groups grew to prominence during the Wilson administration and beyond.

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Such laws defined where a black could go to school, where to eat and drink, shop, reside, ride a bus, vote, and many other oppressive stipulations. Interestingly, now the Republicans kim being accused of enacting similar laws. It is rather ironic the party of Lincoln, who fought for the freedom of slaves, is being falsely accused of such nonsense.

jim crow black codes

Let us not forget, not one Republican president owned a slave. The Democrats cannot claim otherwise.

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This is why they are in favor of such things as Voter Identification, verifying signatures, review of voter rolls, etc. In fact, H. It is a familiar shtick to falsely cast dispersions on others while they, themselves, are the true culprits trying to undermine the system for political gain.

jim crow black codes

What we have to realize is those who falsely claim others are racists, are truly the racists themselves. Then again, some people like to be deceived. All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies. Share this entry.]

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