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The tank was a result of the USSR's tank design bureau being torn in two, one half focusing on the KV and its variants, and the other working on the later IS series. The IS was found to be better in trials, and the IS was dropped. The IS changed to the IS-2 with a revised front slope that was better from an armor point of view while still saving weight, and being armed the new DT in The first few KV tanks were produced in as a stopgap while the IS-1's development cycle was wrapped up. Production in bulk of the IS series started in february and ended in late The IS-3 known as Object is a Soviet heavy tank developed in late Its semi-hemispherical cast turret resembling an upturned soup bowl , became the hallmark of post-war Soviet tanks. joseph stalin youtube

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Overview[ edit ] Genrikh Yagoda middle inspecting the construction of the Moscow-Volga canal.

joseph stalin youtube

Behind his right shoulder is a young Nikita Khrushchev. Some suggest that 14 million people were imprisoned in the Gulag labor camps from joseph stalin youtube the estimates for the period — are more difficult to calculate. Otherwise the conditions in both camp systems were similar: hard labor, poor youtuhe and living conditions, and high mortality rate.

Uoutube joseph stalin youtube detention facilities temporarily ceased functioning. Western authors use the term Gulag to denote all the prisons and internment camps in the Soviet Union. The term's contemporary usage is at times notably not directly related to the USSR, such as in the expression " North Korea's Gulag " [38] for camps operational today.

joseph stalin youtube

The official term, "corrective labor camp", was suggested for official use by the politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union joseph stalin youtube the session of July 27, Background[ edit ] Group of prisoners in Sakhalinremote prison island, c.

Katorgaa category of punishment reserved for those convicted of the most serious crimes, had many of the features associated with labor-camp imprisonment: confinement, simplified facilities joseph stalin youtube opposed to prisonsand forced labor, usually involving hard, unskilled or semi-skilled work. According to historian Anne Applebaumkatorga was not a common sentence; approximately 6, katorga convicts were serving sentences in and 28, in In the nineteenth century, the members of the failed Decembrist revoltPolish nobles who resisted Russian ruleand members of various socialist revolutionary groups, including Bolsheviks such as Sergo OrdzhonikidzeLeon Trotskyand Joseph Stalin were all sent into exile.

Despite the isolated conditions, there were prisoners joseph stalin youtube successfully escaped to populated areas. Stalin himself escaped three joseph stalin youtube the four times he was sent into exile. The Bolsheviks' own experiences with exile and forced labor provided them with a model on which to base their system, including the importance of strict enforcement. In the first decade of Soviet rule, the judicial and penal systems were neither unified nor coordinated, and there was a distinction between criminal prisoners and political or "special" prisoners. The "traditional" judicial and prison system, which dealt with criminal jodeph, were first overseen by The People's Commissariat civility essay Justice untilafter which they were overseen by the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, also known as the NKVD.

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In the official in charge of prison administration wrote: The exploitation of prison labour, joseph stalin youtube system of squeezing "golden sweat" from them, the organisation of production in places of confinement, which while profitable from a commercial point of view is fundamentally lacking in corrective significance — these are entirely yooutube in Soviet places of confinement.

In he was arrested for illegally crossing borders and smuggling. He was sentenced to 10 years' hard labor at Solovkiwhich later see more to be known as the "first camp of the Gulag". This notorious you-eat-as-you-work system would often joseph stalin youtube weaker prisoners in weeks and caused countless casualties.]

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