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His sudden demise has created an irreparable loss in the arena of folkloric research and literatures. This noted folklorist was born on December 29, , in Manikganj district. He began his career as a teacher but he earned huge fame in the national and international arena as a prolific writer and researcher. It is no denial that folklore got a new release of life in Bangladesh with Shamsuzzaman Khan at the helm of the Folklore Department in Bangla Academy in It is he who realized first that without international relation or communication, the study of folklore is almost impossible.

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Khan, an academician, folklorist and writer, had served Bangla Academy as its president since June He also served as the director general of the academy during — He rose to fame for editing a series of books on folk culture in Bangladesh.

khan academy viruses

Two other directors of the academy also tested positive for the disease on Apr 3. More stories.]

khan academy viruses

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