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Further information: Illyrians and Dardania Goddess on the Throne is one of the most significant archaeological artifacts of Kosovo and has been adopted as the symbol of Pristina. The strategic position including the abundant natural resources were favorable for the development of human settlements in Kosovo, as is highlighted by the hundreds of archaeological sites identified throughout its territory. Human settlement during the Paleolithic has not yet been confirmed by archaeological expeditions. From this period until today Kosovo has been inhabited, and traces of activities of societies from prehistoric, ancient and up to medieval time are visible throughout its territory. Whereas, in some archaeological sites, multilayer settlements clearly reflect the continuity of life through centuries. The city played an important role in the development of one of the most important cities in the Roman province of Dardania. kosovo ethnic conflict Kosovo ethnic conflict

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The most serious threat to both the internal stability and the international rehabilitation of Serbia during the late s was the deteriorating Kosovo was the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as the site of the Turkish defeat of the Serbs in and the Serbian victory over the Turks in The Kosovo Liberation Army KLA emerged in , and its sporadic attacks on Serbian police and politicians steadily escalated over the next two years. Serbian special police and, eventually, Yugoslav armed forces attempted to reassert control over the region. Atrocities committed by the police, paramilitary groups, and the army caused a wave of refugees to flee the area, and the situation became well publicized through the international media. The Contact Group—an informal coalition of the United States , Great Britain, Germany , France , Italy , and Russia—demanded a cease-fire, the withdrawal of Yugoslav and Serbian forces from Kosovo, the return of refugees, and unlimited access for international monitors. The KLA regrouped and rearmed during the cease-fire and renewed its attacks. The Yugoslav and Serbian forces responded with a ruthless counteroffensive and engaged in a program of ethnic cleansing. The United Nations UN Security Council condemned this excessive use of force and imposed an arms embargo, but the violence continued.

Vjosa Osmani says justice for the 13, people killed in the conflict, the one million displaced or expelled and the 1, who are still missing, must be the foundation for a long-sought deal to normalise relations ethnicc Serbia, which is a condition for both Balkan states to eventually join the European Union.

kosovo ethnic conflict

The US-educated lawyer also accuses her counterpart in Belgrade, Aleksandar Vucicof kosovo ethnic conflict the expansionist mindset of Slobodan Milosevicthe nationalist Serbian leader whose belligerence was a catalyst for the wars that destroyed Yugoslavia in the s, and whom he served as information minister. Serbian courts have not launched a significant new trial related to the Kosovo conflict in several years, existing cases are beset by long delays, and Serbs convicted of war crimes by international tribunals are often welcomed home conflicct heroes.

kosovo ethnic conflict

Thaci, who was a leader of the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army, is now awaiting trial at a war crimes court in the Hague. We need vaccines right now, not the dialogue.]

kosovo ethnic conflict

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