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Background[ edit ] The first hint of The Lady of the Lake occurs in a letter from Scott to Lady Abercorn dated 9 Junewhere he says he has 'a grand work in contemplation … a Highland romance of Love Magic and War founded upon the manners of our mountaineers'.

But the poem now had its name, The Lady of the Lake. The stag outruns the hunt, exhausting all its members only one huntsman —- who, we later learn, is James Fitz-James —- follows it until his horse falls down dead of exhaustion. He lady of shalott shmoop then taken to a lodge, which he suspects is a concealed hide-out of a Highland chief. That night he dreams of Ellen, only to see her face suddenly change to that of his exiled enemy, Douglas — leading him to suspect that Ellen lady of shalott shmoop Douglas are related.

Ellen and Allan Bane discuss Roderick Dhu, Malcolm Graeme, and Fitz-James, agreeing that the first is bloodthirsty and homicidal, but the only person who would defend Douglas, and that Fitz-James is an attractive person, but may be a secret foe of their kinsfolk.

Roderick asks Douglas for Ellen's hand in marriage, to conclude an alliance between Douglas and Clan Alpine, which can be the basis of an uprising against King James. Douglas refuses, partly because he will not force Ellen into lady of shalott shmoop loveless marriage, partly also because he remains, despite all the injuries he has suffered, loyal to King James.

Roderick and Malcolm quarrel over Ellen, and are about to draw their swords against each other, but Douglas declares that the first to draw will be his foe. Douglas also says that it is an insult for an exile for his daughter to be the spoil of a battle between two chiefs. Roderick tells Malcolm to leave his territory, which he does, refusing even to borrow a boat, swimming across the loch to the shore. With a pagan prophet, Brian the Hermit, he fashions and sets alight the fiery crossand hands it to his henchman, Malise, to summon the members of the clan to war. The members lady of shalott shmoop the clan drop everything they are doing to respond to the summons of their chief.

Malise runs around the countryside, finally passing the burning cross on to Angus, the son of Duncan, a leading member of the clan who has just died; and Angus, in his turn, passes the summons on to Norman, a bridegroom, interrupting Norman's wedding.

lady of shalott shmoop

Douglas flees the island for a hermit 's cave so that he will not be associated with the Clan Alpine uprising. As Roderick is about to leave the island, he overhears Ellen singing a hymn to the Virgin.

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He sadly realizes that this is the last time he will ever hear Ellen's voice, and then prepares to go off to battle. Roderick has decided that the women and old men should take shelter on the laady in the middle of Loch Katrine. When Norman asks shaalott Roderick is staying apart from the main body of lady of shalott shmoop troops, Malise says it is the result of a prophecy made by Brian. Roderick Dhu had consulted Brian as to what will be of arranged marriages definition outcome of the battle.

To determine this, they sacrificed one of the finest animals that the clan had received from one of its cattle raids, a milk-white bull. Rhoderick asks if any of the local friendly clans will fight on Clan Alpine's side; when he hears that none will, he sheds a tear, but at once masters himself and says that Clan Alpine will fight in Trossachs glen. Ellen, meanwhile, lady of shalott shmoop worrying about the fate of her father, who stated that they would meet in Heaven next if they met nowhere else. Allan-Bane seeks to distract her singing the ballad of Alice Brand.

When the ballad ends, Fitz-James appears. He has asked a guide, Murdoch, to bring him back to Loch Katrine. There he pleads with Ellen to leave the Highlands and elope with him. Ellen says she cannot marry him; first, she is the daughter of an outlaw; second, her heart is promised to another.

Fitz-James is disappointed, but before he leaves he gives her a ring, saying that if she needs anything from the King lady of shalott shmoop Scotland, she has but to present the ring and it will bring her to him and he will grant her wish. Murdoch guides Fitz-James further, when they encounter Blanche of Devan. Blanche's bridegroom was slain by Clan Alpine on her wedding day, whereupon she lost her reason.

lady of shalott shmoop

Blanche sings a song of hunting, to warn Fitz-James that Murdoch and the other Clan Alpine men plan to trap and murder him. Fitz-James then dras his sword; Murdoch shoots off an arrow, which misses Fitz-James, but hits Blanche, fatally wounding her.]

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