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Hire Writer The second time he procrastinates is during the end of the second act. If the king is guilty, Hamlet thinks, Claudius will surely show some visible sign of guilt when he sees his sin re-enacted on stage. As a matter of fact, a whole act is used to plot this play out, and even then, the play is not executed until the third act. The third time he procrastinates is during the beginning of the third act. In this soliloquy again he contemplates suicide and death, to rid his pains of living on earth, similar to the first soliloquy. In this instance, he overthinks his actions and does not build up the courage to follow through with his thoughts. This quote foreshadows that when Hamlet gets the opportunity to act on his purpose to kill Claudius, he will consult his conscience and there will be some reason that he does not kill Claudius. laertes character analysis Laertes character analysis

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Before Laertes returns to France from Denmark, returning to Denmark only to attend the coronation of King Claudiushis father, Poloniusgives him advice to behave himself in France. During Laertes's absence, Hamlet kills Polonius in Gertrude 's parlour.

laertes character analysis

Laertes, informed of his father's death, returns to Denmark, and leads a mob to storm and take the castle. Laertes confronts the King, thinking he laertes character analysis responsible for Polonius's death. The King explains to him who the real killer was, and incites Laertes to kill Hamlet and avenge Polonius's death.

When Ophelia appears in her mad condition, Laertes laments, saying that if she had her wits she could not persuade him more to wnalysis. Later, Laertes is informed of her death.

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She had climbed into a willow tree that hung over a brook, and laertes character analysis fell into the water when a branch broke. Too insane to save herself, she drowned. His sister's death strengthens Laertes's resolve to kill Hamlet. At her funeral, Laertes asks why the normal Christian burial ceremony is not being carried out for his sister, and rebukes the priest for questioning her innocence. He leaps into her grave and begs the attendants to bury him with her.

laertes character analysis

Hamlet, who was previously watching from afar, advances and laertes character analysis leaps into Ophelia's grave. When Laertes attacks Hamlet, the two have to be held back to avoid a fight. I dare damnation. To this point I stand, That both the worlds I give to negligence, Let come what comes, only I'll be revenged Most throughly for my father. Laertes uses his sharp, poisoned sword instead of a bated dull sword.

The King provides a poisoned drink as a backup measure. Before the match begins, Hamlet apologises publicly to Laertes for the wrongs he has dealt him. Laertes accepts the apology, so he says, but he proceeds with the scheme to kill Hamlet though after Gertrude drinks the poisoned drink, he expresses having an attack of conscience.

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Hamlet is eventually wounded with the poisoned sword. Then, in a scuffle, the swords chxracter switched. Hamlet wounds Laertes with his own poisoned blade, and Laertes then falls as well. Only then does he truly seem to feel guilty, for he tells Osric he has been "justly killed" with his own treachery.

As he lies dying, Laertes confesses the truth and reveals that it was Claudius's plot, resulting in laertes character analysis death of Claudius by Hamlet's hands.]

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