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Main article: Pre-imperial Mali The Rock art in the Sahara suggests that northern Mali has been inhabited since 10, BC, when the Sahara was fertile and rich in wildlife. By the 6th century AD, the lucrative trans-Saharan trade in gold, salt and slaves had begun, facilitating the rise of West Africa's great empires. There are a few references to Mali in early written literature. Among these are mandinka empire to "Pene" and "Malal" in the work of al-Bakri in[34] the story of the conversion of an early ruler, known to Ibn Mandinka empire by as Barmandana, [35] and a few geographical details in the work of al-Idrisi.

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mandinka empire Through the oral tradition of griots, the Keita dynasty, from which nearly every Mali emperor came, claims to trace its lineage back to Lawalo, one of the sons of Bilal[40] the faithful muezzin of Islam 's prophet Muhammadwho was said to have migrated into Mali and his descendants established the ruling Keita dynasty through Maghan Kon Fatta, father of Sundiata Keita. This region straddles the border between what is now southern Mali and northeastern Guinea. The area was famous as a hunting ground for the large amount of game that it sheltered, as well as its dense vegetation.

The Camara or Kamara are said to be the first family to have lived in Manding, after having left, due to the drought, Ouallataa region of Wagadouin the south-east of present-day Mauritania. A very mandinka empire number of families that make up the Mandinka community were born in Manding.

Kouroukan Fouga The Constitution of Ancient Mali

The Kangaba province[ edit ] Genealogy of the kings of the Mali Empire based on the chronicle of Ibn Khaldun [46] During mandinka empire height of Sundiata's power, the land of Manden empife area populated by the Mandinka people became one of its provinces. From at least the beginning of the 11th century, Mandinka kings known as faamas ruled Manden from Ka-ba in the name of the Ghanas. The Kaniaga rulers[ edit ] In approximately the Sosso mandinka empire of Kaniagaa former vassal of Wagadou, began conquering the lands of its old rulers.

The child of this marriage received the first name of his mother Sogolon and the surname of his father Djata. Combined in the rapidly spoken language of the Mandinka, the names formed Sondjata, Sundjata or Sundiata Keita.

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He also states that Djata or "Jatah" means "lion". To his parent's dread, the prince did not have a promising start.

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Sundiata, according to mandinka empire oral traditions, did not walk until he was seven years old. Sadly for Sundjata, this did not occur before his father died. As soon as Sassouma's son Dankaran Touman took the throne, he and his mother forced the increasingly popular Sundjata into exile along with his mother and two sisters. Before Dankaran Touman and his mother could enjoy their unimpeded power, King Soumaoro set his sights on Niani forcing Dankaran to flee to Kissidougou.

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Battle of Kirina[ edit ] Main article: Battle of Kirina Returning with the combined armies of MemaWagadou visit web page all the rebellious Mandinka city-states, Maghan Sundiata led a revolt against the Kaniaga Kingdom around After the victory, King Soumaoro disappeared, and the Mandinka stormed the last of the Sosso cities.

Maghan Sundiata was declared "faama of faamas" and received the title "mansa", which translates roughly to emperor. At the age of 18, he mandinka empire authority over all the 12 kingdoms in an alliance known as the Manden Kurufaba. He was crowned under the throne name Sunidata Keita becoming the first Mandinka emperor.

He never took the field again after Kirina, but his generals continued to expand the frontier, especially in the west where they reached the Gambia River and the marches of Tekrur. This enabled him to rule over a realm larger than even the Ghana Empire in its apex. The northern commercial towns of Oualata and Audaghost were mandinka empire conquered and became part of the new state's northern border.]

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