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How does it manifest itself in their life? What effects does it have on their life? Describe the symptoms of the disorder and the treatment advice you believe is most valid, including the theoretical model. Have your views changed or not? What has changed and why? And here is the chapter for this topic The deadline for this paper is Aug 3.

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J Psychiatry Brain Sci. We hypothesize that patients with these two diseases may demonstrate difference in terms of gray matter volume. Methods: Structural magnetic resonance imaging MRI data were acquired from 64 subjects, including 17 unipolar depression patients, 19 bipolar depression patients and 28 healthy controls.

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Image preprocess were conducted using Voxel-based morphometry VBM. Then the gray matter volume changes were compared among different manifest dysfunction. Results: Compared to healthy controls, both Unipolar and bipolar patients demonstrated significantly decreased gray matter volume in the right anterior cerebellum lobe. Moreover, we observed significant right superior temporal gyrus volume decrease in unipolar patients compared to both healthy controls and bipolar subjects.

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dysfucntion Conclusion: Our results indicated that volume changes in anterior cerebellum lobe could be used for manifest dysfunction diagnosis of both unipolar and bipolar depressions. Additionally, the right superior temporal gyrus volume variations may differ in unipolar and bipolar patients and thereby could be used as a marker for differentiating these two diseases.

manifest dysfunction

Because there is no biomarker of distinguishing the unipolar and bipolar depressions, the misdiagnosed situation often occurs during the clinical practice of unipolar and bipolar depression disorders. To accurately identify and diagnose the unipolar and bipolar depressions becomes a big challenge in cross-diagnosis study of affective disorder. The brain dysfunction is usually manifest dysfunction by the damage of brain structure.

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The identification of the damaged brain structure can provide the abnormal neuroanatomical models of diseases. The studies showed that the gray matter volume of hippocampus and amygdala and the white matter volume of hippocampus and cerebellum in the bipolar depression group both decreased; however, the gray matter volume of anterior cingulate in the unipolar depression group decreased. Moreover, the biomarkers for brain morphology in both unipolar and bipolar depressions were unclear yet, and in addition, the influence of drug factors was not controlled in these studies. The studies showed that the long-term use of antidepressant medications and affective stabilizers and other treatment methods would affect the change of local brain structures. Subjects 64 cases 19 patients with unipolar depression, 17 patients with bipolar depression manifest dysfunction 28 healthy controls were recruited in this study, and all subjects were originated manifest dysfunction the manifest dysfunction clinics and wards of the Second Xiangya Hospital from February to February All subjects Ss were manifest dysfunction of the risks and benefits before the trials and they signed the informed consent.

The 3. The whole brain structure image of a high resolution was scanned from the sagittal plane. Scanning parameters included repetition time 7. EPI template was used for the standardization to obtain the adjusted brain gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid images, which represent the volumes association american jobs accounting three tissue types respectively. Isotropic 8mm full-width at half-maximum Gaussian kernel was used to translate the images.

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The brain gray matter volume, brain white matter manifest dysfunction and cerebrospinal fluid volume of each subject was calculated. The total intracranial volume was the sum of the three volumes. The total intracranial volume served as coviarate and the statistical model of covariance analysis of covariance, ANCOVA was used to detect the difference of brain gray matter volumes of the three groups.]

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