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MIS 535 MANAGERIAL APPL OF INFO TECH KELLER ENTIRE COURSE mis 535 course project proposal. Mis 535 course project proposal

Death of Philip and Accession of Alexander. It is said that Philip died 14 when Pythodemus was archon at Athens, 15 and that his son Alexander, 16 being then 9 about twenty years of age, marched into Peloponnesus 17 as soon as he had secured the regal power. There he assembled all the Greeks who were click mis 535 course project proposal limits of Peloponnesus, 18 and asked from them the supreme command of the expedition against the Persians, an office which they had already conferred upon Philip. He received the honour which he asked from all except the Lacedaemonians, 19 who replied that it was an hereditary custom of theirs, not to follow others but to lead them.

The Athenians also attempted to bring about some political change; but they were so alarmed at the very approach of Alexander, that they conceded to him even more ample public honours than those which had been bestowed upon Philip. However, at the approach of spring B. Setting out then from Amphipolis, he invaded the land of the people who were called independent Thracians, 22 keeping the city of Philippi and mount Orbelus on the left. Crossing the river Nessus, 23 they say he arrived at mount Haemus 24 on the tenth day.

mis 535 course project proposal

Mis 535 course project proposal, along the defiles up the ascent to the mountain, he was met by many of the traders equipped with arms, as well as by the independent Thracians, who had made preparations to check the further advance of his expedition by seizing the summit of the Haemus, along which was the route for the passage of his army.

They had collected their waggons, and placed them in front of them, not only using them as a rampart from which they might defend themselves, in case they should be forced back, but also intending to let them loose upon the phalanx of the Macedonians, projecy the mountain was most precipitous, if they tried to ascend.

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They had come to the conclusion 25 that the denser the phalanx was with which the waggons rushing down came into collision, the more easily would they scatter it by the violence of their fall upon it. But Alexander formed a plan by which he might cross coursw mountain with coirse least danger possible; and mis 535 course project proposal he was resolved to run all risks, knowing that there were no means of passing elsewhere, he ordered the heavy-armed soldiers, as soon as the waggons began to rush down the declivity, to open their ranks, and directed that those whom the road was sufficiently wide to permit 11 to do so should stand apart, so that the waggons might roll through the gap; but that those media negative influence were hemmed in on all sides should either stoop down together or even fall flat on the ground, and lock their shields compactly rastaclat define, so that the waggons rushing down upon them, and in all probability by their very impetus leaping over them, might pass on without injuring them.

And it turned out just as Alexander had conjectured and exhorted. For some of the men made gaps in the phalanx, and others locked their shields together. The waggons rolled over the shields without doing much injury, not a single man being killed under them. Then the Macedonians regained their courage, inasmuch as the waggons, which they had excessively dreaded, had inflicted no damage upon them. With a loud cry they assaulted the Thracians. Alexander ordered his archers to march from the right wing in front of the rest of the phalanx, because there the passage was easier, and to shoot at the Thracians where they advanced. He himself took his own guard, the shield-bearing infantry and the Agrianians, 26 and led them to the left. Then the archers projecr at the Thracians who sallied forward, and repulsed them; and projecr phalanx, coming to close fighting, easily drove away from their position men who were light-armed and badly equipped barbarians.

The consequence was, they no longer waited to receive Alexander marching against them from mis 535 course project proposal left, but casting away their arms they fled down the mountain as each man best could.

About 1, of them were killed; but only a few were taken prisoners on account of their swiftness of foot and acquaintance with the country. However, all the women who were accompanying them were http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/children-at-home-and-abroad/china-downfall.php, as were also their children and all their booty. Battle with the Triballians. Alexander sent the booty away southward to the cities on the seashore, 27 entrusting to Lysanias and Philotas 28 the duty of setting it up for sale.

But he himself crossed the summit, and advancing through the Haemus into the land of the Triballians, he arrived at the river Lyginus. Syrmus himself likewise, accompanied by his train, had fled for refuge to the same place.

mis 535 course project proposal

But the main body of the Triballians fled back to the river, from which Alexander had started the day before. When he heard of their starting, he wheeled round again, and, marching against them, surprised them just 13 as they were encamping.

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And those who were mis 535 course project proposal drew themselves up in battle array in a woody glen along the bank of the river. Alexander drew out his phalanx into a deep column, and led it on in person. He also ordered the archers and slingers to run forward and discharge arrows and stones at the barbarians, hoping to provoke them by this to come out of the woody glen into the ground unencumbered with trees. When they were within reach of the missiles, and were struck by them, they rushed out against the archers, who were undefended by shields, with the purpose of fighting them hand-to-hand. But when Alexander had drawn them thus out of the woody glen, he ordered Philotas couse take the cavalry which came from upper Macedonia, and to charge their right wing, where they had advanced furthest in their sally.]

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