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What is self management skills?

Take inspiration from any post you like, but avoid parodying silly questions asked in good faith. If you are inspired by another post, you're encouraged to link my writing experience in the comments. Anyone who chooses to participate in the original thread must only do so in a constructive manner. You have been warned.

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WCJ is not the place to complain about moderators or moderation decisions in other subreddits. Not even in the out-of-character thread. These discussions always end in pitchforks and unfunny drama.

my writing experience

Don't screenshot, crosspost, or link to someone else's post just to make your own post complaining about it. Yes, even if you censor everything. Try to at least make some attempt at a joke, even if it's super lame. However, you can link to and complain about anything you like other than what's covered by rule 4 in the weekly out-of-character thread.

Essay About College Experience - Tips for Writing a Personal Narrative Essay

Where should I begin? You have to give the backstory first or no one will know what is going on.

my writing experience

Start mmy, years ago during the ice age and slowly explain all historical events that led to there being a s and s with you in existence. It might be rushing the pacing but I think you could squeeze this into a 10k word prologue. You should write about your elf harem instead.]

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