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The texts helped the living soul familiarize itself with what was in the underworld, a life similar to life known in the physical planes. After dropping the physical vessel, one moved into the astral world, the world of mind, and finally into the realm of Spirit. All of these levels of reality exist in the dimension in which you now live. Find out how the books of the afterlife metaphysically enable you to approach and greet the deities there. Discover how to use your spiritual energy to traverse the astral plane through the hours of the night. The true purpose of knowing these things is to prepare the living for death. Through prayers, affirmations, and invocations, acquire the secrets of how to turn death consciousness into life consciousness, a task best accomplished while living. Explore the history of these sacred texts regarding shamanic initiation, ascension, and rebirth. The deities of the underworld and heaven world also make their appearances known in the class studies. mysteries of ancient egypt Mysteries of ancient egypt

Image Credit: seshmedewnetcher The ancient Egyptians were the masters in science and technology — however astonishing that sounds. While this theory has not been established with unanimity, it can be a possibility. The relief shows a snake inside a large ball of fire emerging out of a lotus flower.

mysteries of ancient egypt

It comes close to an early specimen of an electric bulb in the 19th century click the Crookes tube.

One noteworthy thing is where the stone relief was found, there was no evidence of traditional lamp being used. Located at the top of Abu Rawash hills, only five miles from the Great Pyramids of Giza — it is often called the lost pyramid.

A Huge Discovery:

It was made by Djedefre — the son of King Khufu. There is a considerable dispute among the historians regarding its origin and intended purpose.

mysteries of ancient egypt

There are theories of the pyramid construction being left midway and theories of it being ravaged later by invaders. A section of historians thinks it was actually a solar temple.

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She was the spouse of Pharaoh Akhenaten and possibly the mother of Tutankhamun, the ill-fated Pharaoh. It is therefore, weird that no information or insight is available on her final resting place. Weird as it is, there is no mention of her demise in Egyptian history.

mysteries of ancient egypt

Lots of theories exist including one being Nefertiti never being a queen.]

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