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Granger Homestead, Canandaigua The Finger Lakes region contains evidence of pre- Iroquois habitation, such as The Bluff Point Stoneworksbut little is known about who may have constructed these enigmatic structures. The Finger Lakes region is a central part of the Iroquois homeland.

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The Iroquois tribes include the Seneca and Cayuga nations, for which the two largest Finger Lakes are named. The Tuscarora tribe lived in the Finger Lakes region as well, from ca. The Onondaga and Oneida tribes lived at the eastern source of the region, closer to their namesake lakes, Oneida Lake and Onondaga Lake. The easternmost Iroquois naame was the Mohawk.

name the finger lakes

During colonial times, many other tribes moved to the Finger Lakes region, seeking the protection of the Iroquois. For example, in remnants of several Virginia Siouan tribes, collectively called the Tutelo - Saponimoved to the town of Coreorgonel at the south end of Cayuga Lake near present-day Ithaca, finer when their village was destroyed. As one of the most powerful Indian nations during colonial times, the Iroquois were able to prevent European colonization of the Finger Lakes region for name the finger lakes two centuries after first contact, often playing the French off against the British interests in savvy demonstrations of political competence.

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The renowned ingenuity and adaptibility of the Iroquois people were key tools of resistance against hostile European powers rapidly spreading throughout North America, eager to dominate and increasingly brutal toward native Americans in the Finger Lakes and beyond. By the late 18th century with the French governmental influence gone from Canada Iroquois power had weakened, relative to the steady growth in European-Americans' populations, and internal strife eroded the political unity of the Iroquois Confederacy as they faced pressures from colonists itching to move west and a desire to keep them out of Amerindian lands.

During the American Revolutionary Warsome Iroquois sided with the British and some with the Americans, resulting in civil war among the Iroquois. In the late s, British-allied Iroquois attacked various American frontier settlements, prompting counter-attacks, name the finger lakes in the Sullivan Expedition ofwhich destroyed most of the Iroquois towns click effectively broke Iroquois power.

name the finger lakes

After the Revolutionary War, the Iroquois and other Indians of the region were assigned reservations. Most of their land, including the Finger Lakes region, was opened up to purchase and settlement. Roughly the western half of the Finger Lakes region comprised the Phelps and Gorham Purchase of The region was rapidly settled at the turn of the 19th century, largely by a westward migration from New Englandand to a lesser degree by northward influx name the finger lakes Pennsylvania.

The regional architecture reflects these area traditions of the Federal and Greek Revival periods. The region was active in reform and utopian movements. Many of its Underground Railroad sites have been documented.

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An annual outdoor drama, The Hill Cumorah Pageant, produced by the church, draws thousands of visitors each year. Hammondsport was the home of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtissand favorable air currents make the area a popular spot for glider pilots. Elmirajust to the south, was the home of Mark Twain in his later life, and the site of an infamous Civil War prison. Hornelljust southwest of the Finger Lakes, was a major railroad center; locomotives were repaired there until recently. Conesus remains the home of the oldest producer of pure grape lakees wine in the Western hemisphere.

Hemlock Lake, one of the western Finger Lakes Notable among the historic buildings of the region most linked below is the Granger Name the finger lakesa large village house in Federal Style at Canandaigua, New York.]

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