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Negative effects of marijuana

Negative effects of marijuana - apologise, but

Main Menu Negative Effects Marijuana According to research by a medical marijuana dispensary, the use of marijuana has tons of adverse effects on the body when used in the wrong manner. Oklahoma City, OK information can be seen at this link. Marijuana causes an increase in blood clotting, which later causes a heart attack and a health condition called arrhythmias. This is typically known as loss of memory, and it can eventually lead to a psychiatric condition. It can also make one delusional. From some findings carried out by medical marijuana dispensary professionals, we understand that smoking marijuana increases the risk of respiratory problems like; bronchitis and prolonged coughing, and phlegm production. Negative Effects on Pregnancy Furthermore, research has also found out that the use of marijuana while pregnant can cause negative outcomes to the fetus and also to the newborn if exposed to marijuana. negative effects of marijuana

Should Marijuana be Legal in Canada Words 5 Pages Marijuana is a drug that is prepared from the bloom head flower of cannabis plant and it is utilized as a medication in some conditions, such as, glaucoma and so forth. This pill has msrijuana destructive impacts and is recognized as illegal medication apart from a few states in United States and Amsterdam.

Thesis Statement About Marijuana

Marijuana is a widespread drug and has damaging consequences for individuals. An enormous debate has started, in numerous countries should consumption of Marijuana should to be legalized or not? Thesis Statement About Marijuana Words 8 Pages Outline- English research paper- marijuana Introduction: -general idea -definition -problematic Thesis statement -presentation of arguments Paragraph 1: what is marijuana?

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Marijuana has beneficial effects when used in medicinal scenarios for the treatment of pain; thus it should be an administered drug for patients who can benefit from the use of this drug. Marijuana has undergone analysis for its use as a medicine and the results have shown improvements Prohibition Of The Use Of Marijuana Words 7 Pages Topic: Prohibition of the use of Marijuana General purpose: to argue Specific purpose: to squabble that the use of marijuana is very harmful to the health of the students and young persons and government should prohibit the use of it in Go here. Thesis Statement: the use of marijuana should be prohibited as 1 it is negative effects of marijuana the health of the students.

negative effects of marijuana

Introduction I. If you look at the effects of marijuana versus alcohol prohibition, they are eerily similar: increased organized crime, the creation of an underground market, and overburdened police courts. Yet we still choose to ban one and not the other.


This drugalso known as cannabis, is obtained from a plant named Cannabis Sativa, which holds the sought after chemical named deltatetrahydrocannibinol, or THC Barbour This plant, when smoked, causes a "high" due to how THC interacts with the brain. But nonetheless, this paper is not based off of what marijuana is, but rather The Prevailing Issues For And Against Legalization Of Marijuana Words 6 Pages are the nefative issues for and against legalization of marijuana?

Throughout the progression of time, the Western outlook on Marijuana negative effects of marijuana changed drastically. A few decades ago, the idea of smoking Marijuana was perceived as a menace to the public and the discussion of legalizing Marijuana was greatly frowned upon.]

negative effects of marijuana

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