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20 Harmful effects of Over Masturbation negative health effects of masturbation.

The environment in which young people grow and make decisions related to reproductive and sexual health is becoming more challenging than ever before. This is so for many obvious reasons. Haffiner opined that TV movies and music are not the only influence; the internet also provides the adolescents with seemingly unlimited access to information on sex as well as steady supply of people willing to talk about sex with them. In addition, adolescents may see sexual relationships as extremely desirable. For instance music, movies, negative health effects of masturbation, magazines etfects advertisements present sexuality in a way that glorifies and normalizes sexual behaviour of young people.

negative health effects of masturbation

In line with the above, Gail, Slap, Lucy, Bin, Confort, Theresa and Paul opined that sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviours present throughout life are often accentuated during adolescence. For these reasons adolescents and indeed negative health effects of masturbation school students find themselves in an environment of varied sexual attitudes and practices which is challenging. Ademoladisclosed that some young people have poor understanding of reproductive process, while others harbour misconceptions such as beliefs that pregnancy cannot occur during first sexual episode, and that the use of contraceptives can cause infertility.

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These preventable problems may have prompted the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Nigeria to lament that more and more Nigerian are beginning to realize that if the problems of unwanted teenage pregnancy, STIs and sexual abuse are to be effectively addressed, it is important that people develop accurate, rational and responsible attitudes and behaviours regarding issues concerning reproductive and sexual health. Though the two concepts reproductive and sexual health seem to be similar, they are not identical. Thus the need to examine the two concepts.

negative health effects of masturbation

Reproductive health is now recognized as a crucial part of general health and central feature of human development. As such, National Conference of General Practitioners stated that, reproductive health covers the entire life Span of an individual. They further believe that it is reflection of health during childhood, adolescence and adulthood and negative health effects of masturbation sets the stage for health beyond the reproductive years for both women and men and affects the health of negative health effects of masturbation generation. Vaughar and Abouzahr associate reproductive health with prevention and treatment of diseases and supporting normal functions such as pregnancy and child birth. Elaborating further, they stated that reproductive health has to do with reducing the adverse outcomes of pregnancy, including maternal deaths and disabilities, complications of abortion, miscarriages, still births and neonatal deaths.

WHO defined reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing in negative health effects of masturbation matters related to reproductive systems, functions and processes. This implies that, people are able to have a satisfying and safer sex life and they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so. Implicit in this last condition are the right of men and women to be informed about and have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of their choice for regulation of fertility, as well as other methods of birth control which are not against the law and the right access to appropriate health care services that will enable women go safely through pregnancy and childbirth.

For the purpose of the present study, reproductive health is a concept that describes how secondary school students should view and practice their sexuality to remain free from STIs, unwanted pregnancies, regulate their fertility, avoid abortion and its complications and effectively bear and rear healthy children. This theory moral development stages implies achievement of general reproductive well being. They further stated that it also include prevention and appropriate treatment of infertility; prevention of abortion and the management of the consequences of abortion, treatment of reproductive tract infections; Sexually transmitted infections STIs and other reproductive health conditions; and information, education and counseling as appropriate on human sexuality and responsible parenthood.

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Reproductive health components as summarized by Benagiano are responsible reproductive sexual behaviour, available family planning services, effective maternal care and safe efffcts, effective control of reproductive tract infections, prevention and management of infertility, elimination of unsafe abortion, unwanted pregnancy, pinnacle manufacturing abuse and prevention and treatment of malignancies of reproductive organs and sound adolescent health and sexuality.

Negative health effects of masturbation reproductive health depends largely on the state of sexual health. WHO described sexual health as the integration of the somatic emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexual being in ways that are positively enriching and that enhance personality, communication and love. The WHO report in-corporating negative health effects of masturbation forward looking description of sexual health laid the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of human sexuality and its relationship to health outcomes. Also, terms such as sex, sexuality and sexual rights, were integrated as composite of sexual health. According to Federal Ministry of Health-FMOHsexual health mssturbation part of reproductive health which includes healthy sexual development, equitable and responsible relationship, sexual fulfillment and freedom from illness.

People who develop healthy intimate relationships believe in negayive and in people around them. Equitable and responsible relationships according to Insel and Roth include open, honest communication, agreed on sexual activities, sexual privacy, using contraceptives, safer sex practices like use of condom and hugging, sober the jungle essay topics and clear discussion on sexual consequences.

Sexual fulfillment entails that in sexual relationship love making must be with the primary aim of satisfying both sexual and psychological needs. Satisfaction of sexual desires and the quality of the relationship are more important to overall sexual satisfaction than sophisticated or erotic sexual techniques. On the issue of freedom from illness, Insel and Roth maintained that both partners should be aware of and practice safer sex to guide against STIs. They further stated that partners should be honest about their health and any medical condition and work out plan for protection.]

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