Northern middle and southern colonies -

Northern middle and southern colonies

Northern middle and southern colonies - valuable

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Queen Elizabeth helped drive the colonization of Jamestown in and ultimately the creation of other Southern colonies to help Britain's economy flourish. When the Pilgrims sailed the Mayflower in , an error in navigation led them far north to New England, rather than the South. A second wave of Puritans led to the formation of the Massachusetts Bay colony and the growth of other Northern colonies. While the early settlers were all looking for new experiences, different types of people populated the Northern and Southern colonies. northern middle and southern colonies. northern middle and southern colonies

Learn which whales were hunted and why; how they captured and processed them; how technology changed the industry. Whaling was an exceptionally dangerous business both physically and economically. In the Yankee whale fishery injuries and death were common to almost every voyage.

Why Hunted?

Many vessels were lost. Few individuals got rich whaling and most of those were owners and agents.

northern middle and southern colonies

The answers to why so many people went whaling are many and varied but the underlying principle is that whale products had a strong commercial value if one knew how to exploit it. KWM In Men and WhalesRichard Ellis writes that, until the beginning of the twentieth-century, whaling was considered an admirable occupation. Oil was needed for light and lubrication; baleen was needed for skirt hoops and corset stays.

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That whales had to die to provide these things is a fact of seventeenth- eighteenth- and nineteenth-century life. The primary products of the Yankee whale fishery were sperm oil, spermaceti, whale oil and whalebone and occasionally ambergris if any were discovered. Oil from sperm whale blubber otherwise known as body oil is of a light straw color. It has particular qualities separating it from almost any other type of oil.

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One in particular is that it retains its lubricating qualities in extreme temperatures making it ideal for light, rapid machinery. Another feature is its superb qualities of illumination.

northern middle and southern colonies

It burns very clearly and brightly and without smoke or odor. Great quantities of sperm oil went into public and private lighting as well as lighthouses. A byproduct of the sperm oil refining process was high quality soap. About half of the crude sperm jiddle obtained by American vessels at the height of the fishery was exported to other countries.]

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