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Mainstream ignores Occupy Wall Street

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The essays analyze the movement's origins and questions about the role of the movement in contemporary society. The book attempts to capture the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, giving readers an on-the-scene feel for the movement, as well as considering the lasting changes wrought and recommending reform. Occupy wall street origins occupy wall street origins

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A walk through Zuccotti Park seems to give credence to this point: the jumbled array of sleeping bags, hipsters with dreads and plugs trading smokes, the eclectic array of signs from the satiric to the poetic to the just plain angry, and the crowds of tourists weaving through, snapping photos, make the home base of OWS more akin to a college art show than the epicenter of a momentous occupy wall street origins. Food is more info distributed by volunteers, dishes washed, waste recycled and composted. Tocqueville would have admired the initiatives and associations that have already sprung up: I spot a medic giving CPR lessons to a tight congregation of intent volunteers, a woman sits under a tree handing out flyers and converses about occupy wall street origins philosophy of mutual cooperation.

There are no lines drawn here. This community may have attracted people through streeh discontent, but keeps them staying because they feel welcome. Michael, 19, a high school graduate, expresses this sentiment. He came here five days ago orrigins hearing about the protests from his mother, and soon overcame his initial skepticism.

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So what? To be in debt, to try to buy a home?

occupy wall street origins

Occupy Wall Street hits on the disillusionment people have for both parties, and responds to it with inclusiveness. Well, in Vietnam, older people sat back and watched kids die. People need jobs.

occupy wall street origins

Obama promised a lot of things. Various unions have given Occupy their support and have mobilized resources, online and offline.

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The movement has spread to almost cities, driving home the point that many share the desire to do occupy wall street origins definitive check this out changing the status quo, and lack faith in politicians to do it independently. The question now is how to bring it all together in this propitious economic and political context, and how to balance maintaining an ideologically diverse base with coming together on focused demands. So far, the movement has occupy wall street origins broadening by presenting itself as inclusive, and by virtue of the issues themselves. But neither general but hesitant support Nancy Pelosinor begrudging recognition that this is real Herman Cain will sustain a drive for political action.

A list of demands is taking shape via open suggestion and vote, and we can hope that some kind of focal point to press will emerge from this process. The necessary care, of course, will be in maintaining diversity to the greatest extent possible while narrowing demands. And as this process continues, leaders and coordinated strategies are likely to emerge, and politicians will be given a clear idea of how to respond. But until then, Occupy and the impact it will have is still being defined. Photo credit: Lena Bae.]

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