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Just did a signing with M Fletcher and she was great to work with. It will be shipped in a 8x10 top loaded for extra protection. We have been in the autographed business since and have worked directly with Hundreds of players. Ask about our upcoming player appearances. Thank You! The item is clearer then the scan. We Never use a Reserve Price. On May at PDT, seller added the following information:. Skip to main content. Add to Watchlist. oneflewoverthecuckoosnest.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Original Theatrical Trailer

Its allegorical theme is set in the world of an authentic mental hospital Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregona place of rebellion exhibited by a energetic, flamboyant, wise-guy anti-hero against the Establishment, institutional authority and status-quo attitudes personified by the patients' supervisory nurse. Jack Nicholson's oneflewovefthecuckoosnest persona as the heroic rebel McMurphy, who lives free or dies through an act of mercy killinghad earlier been set with his performances oneflewoverthecuckoosnest Easy Rider and Five Oneflewoverthecuckoosnest Pieces The mids baby-boomers' counter-culture was ripe for a film dramatizing rebellion and insubordination against oppressive bureaucracy and an insistence upon rights, self-expression, and freedom.

The role of the sexually-repressed, domineering Nurse Onefldwoverthecuckoosnest oneflewoverthecuckoosnest turned down by five actresses - Anne Bancroft, Colleen Dewhurst, Geraldine Page, Ellen Burstyn, and Angela Lansbury - until Louise Fletcher accepted casting in her debut oneflewoverthecuckoosnest only a week before filming began.

The entire film was shot in sequence, except for the fishing scene shot last.

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The film's oneflewoverthecuckoosnest screenplay by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman was restructured and adapted from author Ken Kesey's popular, best-selling novel of the same name so that it would appeal to contemporary audiences. The ones that fly east and west are diametrically opposed to each other and oneflewoverthecuckoosnest the two combatants in the film. The one that flies over the cuckoo's nest [the oneflewoverthecuckoosnest hospital filled with "cuckoo" patients] is the giant, 'deaf-mute' Chief:. Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn, Apple seed and apple thorn; Wire, briar, limber lock, Three geese in a flock.

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One flew east, And one flew west, And one flew over the cuckoo's nest. The novel was here dramatized on Broadway an adapted play by Dale Wasserman beginning in with actor Kirk Douglas starring in the lead role as McMurphy and Gene Wilder as stuttering Billy Bibbit. Kirk Douglas bought the rights to oneflewoverthecuckoosnest novel, but couldn't convince film studios to produce the film. Michael Douglas had considered playing oneflewoverthecuckoosnest starring role, but by the time of the film's production, he judged himself too old.

Kesey had derived oneflewoverthecuckoosnest of the novel's secondary characters from real-life psychiatric ward patients oneflewoverthecuckoosnest a VA hospital in Oneflewoverrhecuckoosnest Park, CA where he had once worked in a night job in the late 50s.

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In the novel, McMurphy was a stocky redhead with a poorly-stitched gash across his cheekbone and nose. And 6' 8" tall, 'mute' native American Chief Bromden, a paranoid schizophrenic, narrated the story and was the central character in the novel, providing hallucinatory images of an all-powerful, all-seeing bureaucratic 'harvesting machine' designed to foster complete social integration - a Combine, that would squelch all individuality and create a compliant society both within the hospital and in the wider society.

Those who were non-conforming would be relegated to a correctional facility for repair or removal. Oneflewoverthecuckoosnest was so incensed by the change oneflewoverthecuckoosnest the oneflewoverthecuckoosnest of the story-telling away from Chief Bromden's first-person perspective and other changes in the script that oneflewoverthecuckoosnest sued the producers.]

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