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Oversimplified french revolution

Can not: Oversimplified french revolution

Oversimplified french revolution 408
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oversimplified french revolution

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It broke the stalemate that had resulted from the First Battle of Frenhc three months earlier and led oversimplified french revolution the withdrawal of Russia from the Second Coalition. Most of the fighting took place on both banks of the river Limmat up to the gates of Zurich, and within the city itself. At this time his entire army in Switzerland consisted of around 77, combatants, positioned as: 1st Division in the Upper Valais and the Simplon Pass.

oversimplified french revolution

Following the overall strategic plan, the Austrian army under the Archduke Charles was to be augmented by the 25, man Russian command of Korsakov, newly arrived at Schaffhausen after a 90 day march. Gothard, Furka and Oberalp Passes in a series of violent assaults.

oversimplified french revolution

As a distraction, on 14 August French forces under Soult made demonstrations across the Sihl below Zurich.]

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