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Population density videos Video

Why do some places have a greater population density than others? population density videos

Problem 35 Video Transcript this problems asking us which of these contour diagrams would best match these situations. In fact, I'm going to use Contour diagram number one for all three of these, um, depending on what the units are, as we'll see.

Population Ecology

But for the population density videos 1 we can imagine that those numbers 34 and really represent the population. If you were to multiply it by another and so the center of the city would be 50, people 40, and 30, As you move away the next one, we could imagine that those same values would represent like, feet below sea level, for instance. And so, http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/why-do-cosmetic-for-our-business-which/differences-between-public-and-private-sector.php center of the lake, it's feet below sea level, feet as you move out, and, um, as you further away. So that could be another situation model with the same graph.

population density videos

And then the 3rd 1 is asking about a power plant. Now, this might be the concentration of radio activity in the unit cold drunk in, and these values actually match up pretty well because drunken is considered a lethal dose.

population density videos

Denslty if you look close, it's to the reactor or the core of Ah um, power plant nuclear power plant that would be a lethal does moving away could potentially, you know, not be legal. And so from the Chernobyl incident, they there were people who survived those levels of Rankin. So these are just three different situations that we could all represent using that same contour graphs here, and that's it.]

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