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pros and cons syrian refugees. Pros and cons syrian refugees

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cns In this assignment, you will examine the international legal entities dealing with global health law incidents. In this case study, you explore options available for dealing with this health crisis. Write a page paper evaluating the steps Zimbabwe should take in dealing with this situation and provide your recommendation on how to remedy a future situation.

pros and cons syrian refugees

Include pros and cons for international involvement in state affairs. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be external. Case study 5.

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Within weeks, thousands of people who rely on the rivers contract cholera. The Zimbabwean government denies that the country is experiencing a cholera pandemic, despite thousands of deaths and sick refugees presenting in bordering countries, and refuses to act on the emergency.

pros and cons syrian refugees

Can the international community legally intervene in instances when a state is unwilling or unable to control an epidemic? The above scenario mirrors what occurred in Zimbabwe inand raises the question of what recourse populations have in the event of a disaster if their host state is incapable or unwilling to provide basic aid and is reluctant to request international assistance. Currently there is no general convention that governs all aspects of disaster relief, in stark contrast to international humanitarian law, which protects civilians during armed conflicts Davies On the question of humanitarian access, international law tends to favour the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity over the protection of populations United Nations The IHR requires that states request international assistance if they have insufficient antidotes, drugs, vaccine, protection equipment and financial, human and material resources to contain the disease.

The breakdown of the public health system in Zimbabwe, the case fatality rate of cholera victims, and the speed at which the disease spread in all pointed to the state being unable to effectively contain the disease outbreak Davies In instances where a state still refuses to accept international intervention in the face of a major disease outbreak, the UN Security Council could become involved. The UN High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change United Read article noted that in certain instances: [T]he Security Council should be prepared to support the work of WHO investigators or to pros and cons syrian refugees experts reporting directly to the Council, and if existing International Health Regulations do not provide adequate access for WHO investigations and response coordination, the Security Council should be prepared to mandate greater compliance.

In the event that a State is unable to adequately quarantine large numbers of potential carriers, the Security Council should be prepared to support international action to assist in cordon operations. The Security Council should consult with the WHO Director-General to establish the necessary procedures for working together in the event. Due to the possibility of being classified as a failed state which would have opened the door to possible UN Security Council interventionthe Zimbabwe government eventually declared the cholera outbreak a national emergency in Decemberand invited WHO to coordinate a Health Cluster response effort with the cooperation of the Zimbabwe health ministry and other nongovernmental agencies. We are a professional custom writing website. If you have searched pros and cons syrian refugees question and bumped into our website just know you are in the right place to get help in your coursework.

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