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Modernism philosophy 1 day ago · Platonic or queerplatonic Glimbow, is welcome as long as Glimmer, Bow, and their relationship stays in focus. For the record, this is what it always said (this text was even present in our FAQ for last Glimbow Week) but we wanted to make sure we . 1 day ago · [the Alyanette is strictly platonic/queerplatonic here, because i think sometimes a friendship can be deeper than a romantic relationship.] Post-Gang of Secrets. (PSA: I, Rjalker, have not watched this episode, so if anything is OOC, let me know.) Spoilers for Season 4 below! Make sure you tag this as “ML spoilers” when you reblog! Apr 13,  · There's also a half-implied, half-upfront queerplatonic relationship going on between Legend and Ravio, and Hyrule; they're still figuring it out, and everyone has various levels of knowledge/ confusion about it (including themselves (except Ravio, Ravio is all-knowing)).
queerplatonic relationship form Queerplatonic relationship form

Spoilers for Season 4 below! Marinette and Chat Noir are on patrol, acting their usual.

queerplatonic relationship form

She then implies that, to ease the burden, she may have revealed her identity to someone. Chat Noir is outraged and shocked, standing up and growling at her, demanding she tell him who it is that she trusted more than her own partner!

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Guilt rises up inside her. How could she tell Alya her identity before she told Chat Noir?

queerplatonic relationship form

The answer comes more easily than she thought it would, dashing away her guilt before it can fully form. Because Alya pulled her up when she was down, instead of rubbing her face in the dirt when she was already on the ground.

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Making sure that the only person who could rescue her was him himself. The lonely little kitty stood alone on the rooftop as the lady who would never be his leapt off, his eyes wide in surprise. Rules for the blog - send a prompt. His green eyes shine with crocodile tears, faux hurt, and brimming anger. Because Alya has always supported her, even when she came firm as mean to Lila.

Because Alya called her out when she thought Queerplatonic relationship form was being unfair and jealous.]

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