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Holy Quran Experiment in New York City quran or bible Quran or bible

What is the Bible?

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quran or bible

Welcome to this new series two minute miracles that source try and give evidences for the veracity of Islam within biblf minutes of Ramadan. And many people know that we're doing something called sapient thoughts, which are longer expositions, which can be found in the Sapiens Institute, YouTube channel.

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Today insha. Allah is very simple, that you may have heard this verse already. Now what is miraculous about this or what is remarkable about this? Now this is not mentioned in qurzn Bible, and especially in the Quran. Quran or bible already dispels through claims that the Quran copied from the Bible, but also the fact the question was, how could it be the case that something so grandiose and something so central to the historical narrative as the leader of Egypt claiming divinity is not mentioned the Old Testament and is mentioned the Quran, especially considering the hieroglyphics were only unlocked in when the Rosetta Stone unlocked the hieroglyphics so this is a question.

quran or bible

Even now, the additional questions that we may have of where this information would have come from, would be at the fore of our inquiries. And this is a good evidence for the veracity of Islam, because it shows things that quite frankly on on probabilistic reasoning are unlikely to have come from seventh century authorship. Well still I want to come on I'm qurah to lay out what I get Projects.]

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