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Can yoga cure sinus infection?

Poses you can do Image: Canva Sinusitis sits heavy ring finger mudra the head; quite literally. A throbbing headache with a blocked and runny nose are frustrating symptoms of sinusitis that get a person begging for relief. And the situation worsens if the inflammation is caused by an infection, or it develops into a chronic condition.

Over-the-counter medicines help but they come with their own range of undesirable side effects. Yoga is a way out of this suffering. In sinusitis, the relief that yoga provides is almost instantaneous. Sinuses are hollow spaces located behind your forehead, nose, and in between the eyes.

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They produce mucus and protect the body by trapping and ring finger mudra germs away. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the inner surfaces rng the nose sinuses that cause mucus and fluid to back up in the nose. This inflammation can be caused by irritation from allergies, infection, and chemicals, combinedly called sinus infection. Among all the symptoms some are more common than others, for example, headache and nasal blockage. Can yoga cure sinus infection?

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Image: Canva How effective is yogic treatment for your sinusitis and relieve nasal congestion depends upon how long the condition lasts. In acute sinusitis, yoga is a mmudra recommended therapeutic practice in its prevention and management. Yoga breathing exercises help ventilate the sinuses which prevent infections ring finger mudra settling down in a healthy nitric oxide NO rich environment in the sinus cavity 1.

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But, often sinusitis is also caused by an infection, viral, or bacterial 2and it may take about 12 weeks or longer to recover, known as chronic sinusitis 3. You will have to make systematic efforts with yoga to heal your condition in chronic sinusitis. Apart from regular asanas you practice, practicing hatha yoga shatkarma kriyas like Jala Neti using a neti potsutra netikunjal kriyaand Kapalbhati would be more beneficial in curing such sinusitis conditions.

These ring finger mudra will focus on improving the functioning of your body organs and boost your immunity. In cases of infections, antibiotics are often used. But, remember antibiotics work by killing bacteria, and while doing so, they may continue reading friend and foe alike.

ring finger mudra

And your respiratory walls are lined with plenty of such friendly bacteria. Antibiotics killing these friendly bacteria can put you at risk of other respiratory ailments.]

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