Rip van winkle sleep time -

Rip van winkle sleep time rip van winkle sleep time.

Dear students, today i am going to discuss about rip van winkle by Washington Irving Summary and Analyse. Washington Irving was born in He was enriched the American literature through different types of writings and he was a true man of letter.

rip van winkle sleep time

He was a great writer of short stories. Rip Van Winkle is his masterpiece. It is well known story all over the world. Through the story Irving has depicted the political condition of the colonial people before the liberation war and after the liberation war. Before the liberation war we see that the colonial people were very much ignorant, rustic and humble.

Characteristics of the colonial people or Rip Van Winkle

Laziness, idealness, inactiveness are the commons characteristics of the colonial people. Hudson, the river of America is well known to all. Many years ago some people Olondaz nation came here to live. They settled here. They made village here. Rip Van Winkle was born in village. Rip was a winklw of peculiar character. But he was simple and gentle.

Character of Rip Van Winkle

He was really a cordial man and loved his wife very much. He accepted the commands of his wife.

rip van winkle sleep time

But his wife Dame Van Winkle was very cruel and quarrelsome. Always she scolded here husband. She always misbehaved with her husband. Rip always gave the people good advice. He was a great story teller.

He knew many interesting stories. All the children in the village were his friends. He presented different types of ghost story before the child. In spite of being honest man, he had a weak point. He could not maintain his livelihood andcould not earn sufficient money running his family. He was totally unsuccessful to earn money. But he has sufficient patience. He had a hobby to catch fish.

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Be he could not catch fish. But he was not expert hunter. Actually Rip was a fool and lazy. He as pleased with little earnings and was pleased with little earning. He was always mistreated by his wife. His peace was destroyed by his wife.]

rip van winkle sleep time

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