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VDRF, such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, appear to significantly increase the risk of disability progression in MS, however the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Outcome measures include changes in: 1 high energy phosphate metabolites in cerebral gray matter assessed by 31 P 7T MR imaging MRSI and 2 brain parenchymal volume, 3 clinical impairment, disability, and quality of life. No significant group differences in temporal changes in phosphate metabolites are seen. Additional analyses are underway. ATP depletion may reflect mitochondrial dysfunction and contribute to MS disease progression as suggested by the increased brain atrophy in those with VDRF.

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Smoking as a Risk Factor for Multiple Sclerosis

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A chronic disease which lesion the central nervous system in a human being, later could lead to many other complications like pneumonia. The chief concern in Multiple Sclerosis is difficulty knowing its progress. In case of this disease affected age group could be 15 to 60 years though it can occur at any age. It is unpleasant that there is no cure and only symptoms of MS can be relieved to manage normal life. Therefore, it would always be acknowledged to know possible causes and sit out of its complications. But in the case of MS research is still in progress to learn about its key players. It is thought out to be an autoimmune disease Autoimmune diseases are those caused by antibodies or lymphocytes produced against substances congenitally present in the body and myelin the fatty substance that coats and protects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord is destroyed by the immune system itself. Hence, this write-up will include risk and possible factors for Multiple Sclerosis rather the actual causes. There is still a debate amongst scientists about the causes of MS. Risk factors for ms risk factors for ms

Vascular Disease Risk Factors and Multiple Sclerosis

Recent research involving thousands of people with MS suggests riek vascular disease risk factors VDRF such as obesity, hypertension high blood pressurehyperlipidemia high cholesteroland diabetes can contribute to the worsening of disability in MS. This article reviews current literature on the relationship between these potentially changeable factors that can affect MS activity and progression. Several studies have suggested higher BMI is associated with greater disability.

risk factors for ms

Importantly, being overweight or obese has been associated with an increase in other comorbidities, with an individual being almost five-times more likely to develop diabetes or hypertension and two-times more likely to develop depression. More comorbidities are also factros to decreased quality of life and increased odds of disability.

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Hypertension also has a relationship with MS disability. All subjects will have a total of seven study visits consisting of four annual MRI scans.

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Each study visit will include a neurological exam, physical exam, cognitive tests, and quality of life, nutrition, fatigue, and depression questionnaires. The researchers believe that VDRF may increase disability in MS by slowing blood flow through the gray matter risk factors for ms and spinal cord tissue that predominantly contains the nerve cell bodiesdecreasing the ability of nerve cells to produce the energy needed for healthy functioning.

Risk factors for MS

Using one of the most advanced brain MRI techniques available in the world today, this study will explore abnormalities in vascular function, including blood flow and volume and energy metabolism in the gray matter of the brain. The study plans to finish in Early identification and management of VDRFs, including lifestyle modification and targeted medical management, may potentially improve outcomes for people with MS by slowing disease activity and disability progression and reducing the risk of other comorbidities that can affect quality of life.

risk factors for ms

While optimizing the management of VDRF will not cure MS, it may provide an additional promising avenue for improving overall health and quality of life. Veterans Crisis Line: Press 1.

What is multiple sclerosis (MS)?

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