Robber barons during the gilded age -

Robber barons during the gilded age - for that

More titles may be available to you. Sign in to see the full collection. An abandoned baby and a drowned robber baron have a lady reporter playing sleuth in this Gilded Age mystery set among New England's high society. Having turned down the proposal of Derrick Andrews, Emma Cross has no imminent plans for matrimony—let alone motherhood. But when she discovers an infant left on her doorstep, she naturally takes the child into her care. robber barons during the gilded age Robber barons during the gilded age

Industry dominated the USA, and what is known as the medical-industrial complex was well on the way to its current hegemony. If that milieu is considered, it is not surprising that a barond of men largely took over American industry, beginning during the Civil War. They all bought their way out of military service, and not because they were pacifists.

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They then began building industrial empires, and war profiteering during the Civil War was how they got their start. Of the big name robber barons, it is generally acknowledged that the most ingenious, ruthless and successful of them all was John D. The first American oil well was drilled in in Pennsylvania. After carefully sizing up the new industry, Rockefeller joined it in All oil production would have to pass through hands if he controlled refining.

His strategy was diabolically ingenious. He used the business of his competitors to get kickbacks from the railroads.

robber barons during the gilded age

He then marched through the new industry, giving his competitors two options: sell out or be wiped out. Those who resisted his offer were quickly run out of business.

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There were mysterious refinery explosions and deaths in those days for those who refused to sell out. When he wiped out or bought out a competitor, if his prey put up a vigorous and talented fight, he would try to hire them. He soon amassed a team of the most capable and ruthless businessmen around. Once he controlled the oil industry, he began diversifying.

robber barons during the gilded age

His father funded his early ventures.]

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