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The ruler during that time was Wu ZeTian, the first and only female empress. She was an intelligent leader who created many concepts and rules that led ancient China to growth and prosperity. It was difficult for her to maintain her position but she did and brought affluence to the country. She established a fair government system and. Women of Ancient Rome and China Women in ancient Rome and China were very different but quite similar as for as their treatment and roles were concerned. In both cultures they were under the protection of their fathers until they married. When they married they were to stay home and be wives, they were not formally educated and learned to manage their households.

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Ancient China, or Imperial China, is a classical civilization with more than three thousand years of history. Even today, it is one of the fastest growing economies with a population of over one billion. Society perceived them as inferior to their husbands and parents-in-law. Their role in the family were to be housewives taking care of their family and maintaining the household chores.

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They were always under the instructions chinq their husbands and parents-in-law in they were treated like servants. They also had no control in their personal decisions because they were not allowed to decide who they were going. In ancient China, emperorship was passed on through hereditary principles within a ruling family lineage or dynasty.

The Han dynasty had adopted Confucianism as the state ideology of Northern China, which implemented changes to the social order.

role of women in ancient china

Confucius believed that everyone should be taught their role in society, but his teachings did little to help women learn their roles. Ban Zhao, a female Chinese historian born in the first century. The roles of women in three distinct regions.

role of women in ancient china

These regions and the countries that inhabit them. Each of these places is important nonetheless there are some countries in these regions that the role of women remains a bit in the dark when they should not ancienh. Countries such as Mexico, China and Egypt, albeit one may not comprehend on how the role women played were key to the territories they lived in the ancient times. When we consider the position Chinese women held in ancient society, we find that they have come a long way to be where they are today.

role of women in ancient china

In the ancient Chinese culture, the role of women was very restricted. They were raised by their parents until the age of marriage to be given away to another family.

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Aside from ancient Greece and China, there has also been much diversity and contradictory evidence for women in the Roman Empire. On one hand, the cultural assumption was that women were inferior to men and they should obey their wome or click. While, on the other hand, there is scattered evidence that women were engaged in commerce, heading of the household, and influencing politics.]

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