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Salem witchcraft trial

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All the false accusations from people caused the court to execute the accused witches without any strong evidence of practicing witchcraft. After Tituba had confessed to seeing the devil and blame others the hysteria and blaming had started. After 15 months in prison, Tituba went on trial for contacting with the devil. Over people in Salem were accused of being a witch Salem Witch Trials. The supernatural claims by the some convicted people caused the government to try to distinguish more suspects for witchcraft. Many suspects got arrested and went for trial. Acts of rape of molesting were often related to satanism, so children were asked to point out people, but the children often lied to gain attention Asirvatham. A lot of innocent people were accused by children since children were encouraged and rewarded to find rapists and molesters. All of these actions taken in the court shows how people can inhumane by not giving them a chance and hanging them. salem witchcraft trial.

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The well fabled Salem Witch Trials took place aroundin a time and place copious of hysteria, condemnation and prosecution. During this early modern time period, science and the elements of the renaissance had already been taken to a place where it had not been before. Yet, societies in the colonial america still experienced sudden bursts of irrational frenzies. Of which the most recognizable frenzies in history, the Salem Witch Trials was responsible for the prosecution of more than two hundred women and the deaths of 14 women and 5 men.

The well famed trials took place in a small town in Oregon: Salem. As the town was thorough of puritans, any activity out of the ideal moralistic life was irregular. Upham This made for salem witchcraft trial irrational belief in anything out of the ordinary, chiefly witchcraft, and resulted in mass hysteria. The idea of here and devils conduited the most concern to the Salem villagers than to the colonists, making scarce times the town faced feasible salem witchcraft trial be blamed upon the most common of people. Young girls would endure poisoning, throw excessive fits, spasm and contort.

salem witchcraft trial

This unusual combination of behaviors displayed as well as an assertive claim by a doctor raised many suspicions. Additionally, the suspicions further elevated when some women claimed to be possessed by witches around the town.

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The following days, a mass number of townspeople were contemplating and panicking about the new news of witchcraft. This is how the notorious Salem Witch Trials had begun, from a fad that changed history for colonial Salem. Rather soon, authoritarians had begun witch hunting, not for salem witchcraft trial who were already prefaced to be witches but those who followed the demisely popular fashion of a witch.]

salem witchcraft trial

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