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Satire in the canterbury tales

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satire in the canterbury tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer was a huge fan of sarcasm and satire, he joined the bandwagon of giving people what they wanted to read, and he did this using the sneak attack known as satire. Geoffrey Chaucer served most of his life in the employment of the crown, as both a soldier and a clerk. His best known works appealed to those of all walks of life. Geoffrey Chaucer is well known for his use of characterization Hypocrisy In The Canterbury Tales Essay Words 5 Pages in the Canterbury Tales is a collection of satiric writings which attack the society in which Geoffrey Chaucer lived in at the time. While he was living, there were no written examples of the street language of English. The obstacle that Chaucer had to overcome was the language he wanted to write his book in, eventually he settled on taking the oral language of English and trying his best to write it down onto paper. This is what we today know as Middle english. satire in the canterbury tales

There are very few authors at all that are able to use satire without offending his audience, and still keeping them engaged. Chaucer is one of the few writers to have accomplished this goal.

An Analysis Of Chaucer 's ' The Canterbury Tales '

Not only was he an avid user of satirebut he used this satire to reach out to his intended audience. Now Chaucer, being an iconoclast an attacker of the issues of sacred institutions had a very specific audience he was writing for, but a broader list of those he was attacking. He had a bone to pick specifically with the church, and satire in the canterbury tales disagreements among …show more content… Chaucer begins this segment of his story by introducing his most controversial character yet; the Wife of Bath.

This woman is incredibly witty and very salty, and provides a majority of the irony and satire through her own experiences rather than the ridicule of her actions, as Chaucer did through the Pardoner.

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Pardoner is a target of satire, unlike the Wife, because of his association with the corruption and abuses of the church. The Wife is a more relatable character because she makes a relatable case on the restrictions put on married women. He provides an opportunity for subversion in the wife of bath by attacking the idea that the ancient wargames gets to make sahire the rules; he allows for irony and satire to make up this story.

A common question asked is why did Chaucer write the tales in English? English at the time was severely underdeveloped and only spoke by the common people and hardly ever wrote.

Satire In The Canterbury Tales

So why write some great literature in a language that only the common people understand? Statistically, Chaucer was very brilliant in doing this because those that are royal, or highly educated, only make up a small percentage of the population.

satire in the canterbury tales

By writing these tales in english he purposely reached his intended audience; the common people. Benson, The common people, or yokels, had next to no value, and Chaucer took a huge gamble by writing in the language of the common people. Chaucer is a remarkably.]

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