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secrets of body language part 1 secrets of body language documentary. Secrets of body language documentary

Rhonda and Lewis discuss life, the Universe, and the law of attraction, and how to use the power of your mind to live your dream.

Rhonda also introduces her new book, The Greatest Secr etand explains how this will guide you to a life of joy and happiness, free of suffering. Click below to watch the video or scroll down for a full transcript of the conversation.

secrets of body language documentary

Lewis Howes — Welcome to The School of Greatness my name is Lewis Howes, as a former pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring secrets of body language documentary an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness.

Thanks for spending some time with me today now let the class begin. I am so excited about our guest today her name is Rhonda Byrne and you might know her as the creator behind The Secreta documentary film that swept the world in changing millions of lives and revolutionizing the way we understand the world and created a global movement of people who believe in and use the power of the mind to live their dream life. It was fascinating to pick her brain about life and the universe and the power of thought.

secrets of body language documentary

I think you are going to love this and get a ton out of this interview and I cannot wait for you to listen to it. What the law of attraction is and how you can use it in your daily life.

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How to break out of negative thought loops and why they are so persistent for us. Why Rhonda never gets mad at anything anymore. How she changed her mindset to manifest abundance in her life at one docimentary her darkest moments. The importance of leaving ego behind. Why we are ageless and timeless. In just a moment the one and only Rhonda Byrne.

Lewis — her book is called Science and Health and as I was reading this book it felt like I was reading a lot of the teachings that she had back in the s and you reminded me in a sense of being able to find this information and share it from a religion I grew up in so you really have powerful wisdom secrets of body language documentary here.

I grew up learning about the power of the secfets about the power of understanding that we are not our bodies that we are infinite and all the stuff that I was taught as a kid. I want to go into this book here in a second, but I have to be honest with you Rhonda as I secrets of body language documentary doing research about this interview, I could not find any interviews of you except for 10 years ago on Oprah and I was like am I this web page missing something or have I typed something wrong.

secrets of body language documentary

Is there no content of Rhonda out there in this world what is happening? Does anyone know anything about this woman, where is she? How has your life been post The Secret? Rhonda — absolutely amazing and I mean it was deliberate.

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I did Oprah bidy I knew Oprah lived by these principles so I knew that the show would be very constructive. I mean I just shared something that I discovered and that I absolutely knew was the truth and I could look back on my life and could see my whole life just lined up in front of me and I was like oh this is the absolute truth and I was so amazed that I was still on earth because some of the negativity that I got into in my life and the universe definitely loves us because the fact langjage I was still standing.

I really wanted The Secret message to be the hero and see more can have a tendency to idolize people and I did not want secrets of body language documentary to happen.

I discovered this and my life is unrecognizable, unrecognizable and it is so easy you can have everything that you desire and you can have everything that you want. I am like everybody else just your normal every day something sort of looking like a person. It is very important you do this. So here I am.

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Rhonda — So one of the ways I talk about the law of attraction or The Secret is sort of a different way from the way I used to speak about it because I am always looking at how I can make it even simpler and I mean basically that work talks about power of the learn more here and the power of thought to create our physical world a material world and then The Greatest Secret takes that to a whole new level actually.

And so then you really get to see that oh my gosh it is super easy. So with The Secret yeh I really simply it and the law of attraction because I would say to anybody if you would just think about what you want that is all secrets of body language documentary would ever get in your life.

Lewis — they are on a loop that just holds them to this negative pattern. So how do we break that negative thought pattern?]

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