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What the US gets wrong about minimum wage should there be a minimum wage

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The adjustment, which comes into effect on July 1 , flows through to those paid under awards, many on individual contracts and even some enterprise agreements whose wage increases effectively track the minimum. That modest increase, which was delayed several months for most workers, was justified by the dramatic fall-out of the COVID pandemic. But with employment now rebounding — the jobless rate in February was 5. But many employer groups are pushing for an outright freeze. The federal government has implicitly sided with them. But this argument is based on outdated economic ideas. The evidence from economic research over the past few decades suggests boosting wages back to a normal trajectory would strengthen aggregate demand and consumer confidence, help keep inflation on target, and bolster government revenues at a vital moment in the post-COVID recovery. Read more: Why kickstarting small business exports could boost stagnant wages. The Australian Council of Trade Unions has argued for a 3. Should there be a minimum wage

Conservative revenue critic Philip Lawrence said making PPE tax-deductible would relieve the financial pressure on low-income workers who have to protect themselves on the job.

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We should be doing everything we can to make sure they are safe," said Lawrence. Lawrence said he wants a parliamentary committee to study the idea and called on thede government to provide an estimate of how much the policy would cost. NDP revenue critic Matthew Green said he'd also like to see the federal government consider reimbursing personal purchases of masks and other protective equipment for work. He suggested the federal government should itself be distributing PPE to front line workers with lower incomes.

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Green said he worries that some people may be tempted to reuse disposable masks to save money, while thwre the risk that they might be contaminated. Unions should there be a minimum wage the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Unite Here say they have been pushing with some success to get employers to foot the bill for the PPE their employees have to wear at work.

Many workers say had to buy their own face masks and hand sanitizer for work use — especially in the early days of the pandemic, when many stores and shopping malls were taken by surprise by COVID and mandatory mask orders. Rules on declaring the cost of PPE for work can vary considerably from one country to the next. The Canada Revenue Agency says the cost of PPE can be a tax deductible medical expense for individuals — but only if they have a thdre prescription and a specific health condition, such as a "severe chronic respiratory ailment" or "a severe chronic immune system disregulation. Most over-the-counter products, such as masks, face shields and hand sanitizer, don't qualify as tax deductions.

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The Finance Department says it has tried to make PPE more affordable by exempting it from federal sales tax. PPE is a tax-deductible expense in the U. In cases where PPE is required for an employee to do their job, U. In the United States, a recent Internal Revenue Service IRS bulletin said that purchases of personal shoould equipment "such as masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, for the primary purpose of preventing the spread of the Coronovirus Disease ," count as deductible medical expenses as long as the taxpayer wasn't reimbursed through a health wsge plan. That's not should there be a minimum wage case in Australia, where the cost of things click here face masks is deductible only for those who need PPE for work.

In order to qualify under Australia's rules, those claiming deductions for masks must be required by the terms of their employment to be at their place of work and to wear a mask while at work.

should there be a minimum wage

Australians also can't claim deductions for masks if their employers provide them free of charge. Only Australians whose work brings them into close contact with customers, or involves cleaning the premises, can claim for other PPE items such as gloves, sanitizer or anti-bacterial spray. In New Zealand, where there are few income tax deductions for salaried workers, the cost of PPE isn't deductible for individuals but is for businesses.

should there be a minimum wage

Aaron Wudrick, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said his group supports reducing the tax burden but believes there are easier ways to do it. Elizabeth Thompson can be reached at elizabeth.

should there be a minimum wage

Award-winning reporter Elizabeth Thompson covers Parliament Hill. A veteran of the Montreal Gazette, Sun Media and iPolitics, she currently works with the CBC's Ottawa bureau, specializing in investigative reporting and data journalism. She can be reached at: elizabeth.]

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